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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all this is probably my very first Topic i am creating so just bare with me for a minute. I got this idea of clan skills from another thread i was reading and giving my viewpoint. I was thinking of a way to make clans more interesting and valid in this day and age is to make it more viable to use the system itself by adding clans skills like i.e crafting and stockpiling which will work best in clan fields and only materials for clan items gets dropped. 1. Items created from these material have a different color from regular game items to indicate that they are clan items and can only be used by clan members. 2. a set amount of artisans/bourgs is needed to unlock different levels of the skills and the higher the level of artisans the better stats on items crafted. Crafted items will have clans insignia engraved on it or next to the items name as to identify its origin. 3. Market place to sell items to clan members which will make it easier for them to sell unwanted goods. 4. Also thought of being able to sell these items to other players which will help the clans generate money as well or use clan points as a form of currency. Auto 5-10% levy attached to item sales and goes to the clan who made the if sold to another player. 5. Players who resells items back to the clan who made the item get a 30% cashback. Just some thoughts i had feel free to add to the list of skills or give input on what you think of this suggestion. If a similar thread exists please send link and i will remove this thread.
  2. See guys and devs there is some options: 1) Make spots dinamic: Move the spot to another random location on the map, NOT only one monster, instead 5-10 of them. And bosses too. Maybe move the ALIVE mobs, or just the spot location. 2)Make the urgency to use ALL skills and be skilled against the mobs: the mobs IA can be much highter than before, so they can now: move to a boss if in danger, to make the group stronger; retreat (for no more than 20 meters <<); poke(kiting, if they are ranged); use skills in area, and you CANT see the area, so you must use your brain to dodge. 3)They can have multiple buffs of elemental def, so you will do more damage if you match the weakness of the mob. Thanks.
  3. clanfields in the past version of narose was pretty much useless because they made clan points drop in instance. can we make clan fields great again? by making clan points only drop in clan fields, would make for pretty awesome pvp content.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree that the pay-to-win aspects of the game we not great, and having costumes with bonus sets was not ideal because everyone was wearing the same thing, and you were limited to what you could wear because the bonuses were useful. I love the idea that costumes will always only be costumes and purely esthetic! But I will miss the fact that there was a way to get a small percentage of extra drops and extra exp though. So, it could be cool to have an extra item slot in the avatar area of the inventory for bonuses. I don't think these bonuses should be anything like attack power or crit, because some gems already do that, but it could be a thing too... However, these bonus stat items could be, for example, 10% exp bonus or 10% chance of extra drop. It could even be a bonus inventory space as like a 4x4 slots storage or something! They could be quest rewards so it would be available for everyone. Please note that this is an open suggestion and that I don't know myself how exactly we could bring back bonus stats and make them better or if we should even bring them back in a certain way. But if it were a bonus item, there is a space for it in the avatar as you can see in the image below. Otherwise, feel free to add your ideas and thoughts! Thanks to Owlchemist_vile for keeping his inventory open for hours and letting me get this screenshot on his stream.
  5. When Leonis was still at Gravity he mentioned about adding the ability if doing mining for artisans and others who might want to level and make some Zuly it might give those a chance of doing something different except always having to fight mobs in parties
  6. I played some other MMORPGs and some of them are using so called effective levels. It means your level is reduced according to the map you are currently in. That reduces your stats by some %, but not your skills. It allows high level players to farm materials at low lvl maps and also help lower level players with kings, suggestions... Community develops. The good thing is also, that there are practically no empty maps. I don't know if engine allows such manipulations, if not, just delete my post.
  7. Hi there, It's been quite the ride to know you guys assembled this great team to breathe new life into this game. Here is a suggestion I'd like to shed some light on. On the last two years that the official version was active it was a let down that the refining items where only obtainable either through bossing and dungeons which was quite limiting for the average joe who likes to go around the worlds Rose farming what they have to offer. As an individual player it was quite enjoyable to sit in Eldeon, Sikkuku ruins spiders to farm this specific materials from the Arachnids & Warbiz monsters. Once the dungeon system came out all these drops rates specifically lisents were sent right into instance drop tables which forced you to do these two things causing burnout and giving birth to insatiable boredom that came with it. Downsides from this change -Multiclient to get your own instance due to lack of players willing to do it. -Wait tremendous amount of time to get into an instance with other players. -Availability of this items was tarnished and made the refining process very expensive and in some cases unaffordable. Suggestion My suggestion is to basically implement this drop rates in different parts of Rose, for example Oro and Eldeon for the players to not limit their experience to doing instances 24/7 to progress their characters and equipment. Now, why would I suggest this? It's certainly because Rose has beautiful landscapes to offer, soundtracks and monster designs that are not something the high end of progression side of players got to enjoy because they had to be stuck farming dungeons or killing bosses which came to be the meta by the end of the day. Upsides from adding these drop rates to Sikkuku Ruins - Promotes different builds for farming characters. - Blends in the risk/reward scenarios in which the player was to be wary that other players might kill you in this zone, adding a certain spice to the game. - Promotes interaction between players through means of pvp exposure. Downsides from adding these drop rates to Sikkuku Ruins - Potentially makes the availability of these specific items too common(This can be managed through drop rates). - Individuals camping other players for example like the Desert of the Dead experience. - It might degrade the attention from bossing and new instances which can cause distancing between populations. ~ ~ ~ Upsides from adding these drop rates to Oro - Populate the areas with mobs and make the planet more attractive to farmers and the like. - Promotes a sense of necessity in which merchants will look to be closer to cover supply and demand of players through their stores. Downsides from adding these drop rates to Oro - It might degrade the attention from bossing and new instances which can cause distancing between populations. - an overflow of farmers due to no risk involved during farming. - That same overflow of farmers may cause the prices to fall considerably due to increased supply. Once again thank you for putting in the work for this game, can't wait for you guys to release new planets to be honest!
  8. This class supposed to be best for solo farming (with summons?) and also good about dps and aoe in groups, but it got changed too much There are many ways how to balance it out without turning this class to pvp nightmare, as many changes can be done in ways without influencing other areas, such as other farming/etc passive, farming-orientated bonuses, balancing of stats and so on. Many of them already exists now but ratio or logic often isnot practical enough.
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