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first gem 9 crafting experienced (failed attempt)


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Hello fellow artisans,

Its my first time trying to craft a gem 9 and it failed. I currently have 1290 con and when using enthiric the success rate is around 60%. Is it worth crafting gem 9's even with the difficulty to get the mats, high zullie investment and low success rate?. I'm just wondering what your experiences are when crafting gem 9s or higher. If you have successfully crafted gem 9s or higher, whats your con and set? Do you guys just keep farming and trying again, How do you guys cope with failure lol? I feel like my soul left my body. :DeadBean:

I've attached a reaction video below.

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On 1/17/2024 at 8:12 AM, OwlchemistVile said:

Man, that risk vs reward really feels good doesn't it lol.

Sorry for your loss mate.

opal 8 is 6% def + 60 and gem 9 is 7% + 60. I don't think its worth but I wanted to try my luck lol

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On 1/17/2024 at 9:06 AM, Drezynit said:

Sorry for you loss

We feel you 🥲

Have you guys considered an over-supply bonus? adding extra materials beyond the minimum to increase the success? Future negative moments like this one could be avoided. While preserving the chance to gamble lower material amounts for a success.

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The main problem regarding Gem crafting is the way chemicals / high con scales poorly. Like everything else, back in NA, people had more stats and access to better IM items to increase their success rate.

Gem 9/10 are also too weak compared to Max stats. For some of them, we would like to buff them so the difficulty match the power it gives.

Unless we make it 100% success rate, some of us will have to fail them for the rest of us to appreciate a success.

We've heard a lot of good ideas from the community, Epic Hammers, more CON oriented gear for artisan, chemicals giving better % increase with increased quality.
We're looking into the best way to adjust the feeling without making the Gem 9/10 too easy

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