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Remove hp flame from pvp


Hp flame in pvp  

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  1. 1. Do you think hp flame should be a pve only skill?

    • Remove hp flame as a PVP skill
    • Keep hp flame as a pvp/pve skill

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Hp flame is extremely op IMo and creates less active play situations as it just passively heals everybody in the area. I think if this skill were removed from pvp and kept a pve skill, pvp would require a lot more thoughtful play, and stategy and would feel a lot more meaningful and less dependent on clerics. (Yes ofc we will still be somewhat because heals are great and essential, but players will be a lot less dependent on them keeping them alive and more dependent on their own characters  strength to compensate for the removal of these flames, I suggest reducing cooldowns on heal, rather than increasing healing effectiveness, to promote activity.

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33 minutes ago, DoubleRose said:

One bourg aoe and all those flames go bye bye 

That was pre gun buff though 🥲
Seems like gun bourg is the new thing and launcher aoe less popular.

Fire’s should be removed or limited to a max of 3 per team. Opens up gauge for clerics to use their other summons (optional). As well as lowering overall afk healing by fairly big amount and 3 flames are a lot quicker to deal with than 5-15. Although, they should gain some more Hp stat for a bit more durability in this case.

It would also be nice to have summons Hp added to the group list for ease of targeting and healing. 

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3 minutes ago, DoubleRose said:

I don't know how it's possible that you can't kill a thing with 7k hp and 0 defense in under 6.5 seconds. Clerics never have more than like 2 fires out.

There is no "active" play. Pressing 12345 on your "skillful" character isn't any more active.

Yea they can be easy to kill if there are not many of them, but that is irrelevant and beside the point. Players shouldn’t have to focus them, over someone else. They promote inactivity not only because you only have to place them once, and they just passively heal everyone in the area, but also because in a LOT of cases, because it is stationary and clerics can’t run very far without it disappearing, the cleric is presented with a choice, say a team mate a bit farther away has died, or needs support. Either the cleric can stay where they are, get the continued healing of the hp flame and do nothing, or run to that player and support them, and risk having the hp flame disappear.  (let’s say they are 20m away and hp flame you have to be 10m next to it) in almost all cases, clerics choose to keep the hp flame alive and active and don’t want to risk the hp flame dying. In these cases, it strongly promotes inactive play, as it’s literally presenting you with the decision to either actively help the player, or leave them and not risk your whole team losing 10% hp every 10 seconds (per flame) in these cases it absolutely promotes inactive play. There is nothing good about hp flame I do not know how you can defend it, I’d think you would want to depend a little less on clerics and more on your own characters strength 

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Are we gonna ignore that teams got wiped in CvC even after camping at their 10 "OP" flames? If you can explain how its op on an even playing field then im all for removing flames. The problem with removing it is that clerics are left with 2 single target heals and 1 aoe heal as well as 2 and 2 for lingering heals. 

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