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Option to display subclass name


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I'd be nice for avoiding confusion with dungeons, parties, etc if characters of certain classes could choose to show their subclass. This could be a setting like enable specific class for other players and then you can toggle it if you are one of these classes. That way team mates could see in the group how the player has built.

The following subclass title options should be added:

  • Battle Cleric
  • FS Cleric
  • Spear Champ
  • Sword Champ
  • Axe Champ
  • Xbow Knight
  • 1h Knight
  • Bow Scout
  • Xbow Scout
  • Katar Raider
  • Dual Raider
  • Launcher Arti
  • Gun Arti
  • Gun Bourg
  • Launcher Bourg
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