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#buffxbowknight idea/s


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Hello! I'm MikeOC. Dungeon conquistador, tanking specialist, and proponent of the #buffxbowknight movement (movement of one atm).

I had a lot of doubts choosing knight for my first char's 2nd job. That all changed when I saw that knights had more xbow passives.

Ideas bubbled and boiled in my mind. Maybe I can make a tank in the literal sense of the word - a char that can take hits while also being capable of doling out physical damage from afar.

With that in mind, I respec'd, slapped on the most level-appropriate xbow I can find, and went out of Eucar with the intent of wiping out the entire population of Slags around the area.

And... uhh. Well, it didn't happen.

My damage was lackluster. Using def down felt off as I needed to get close to enemies, and this defeats the purpose of using a ranged weapon like xbow.

My def was okay, but you can't really defeat mobs just by letting them hit you (yes, I know return damage exists).

I tried using off-hand items instead of shield. Maybe the 10% aspd could make a difference.

I toyed with different arrows. I played around with what passives/skills to use.

Much to my dismay, every idea ended in disappointment.

I was faced with a problem, a big one. One on which my choosing of the knight class was hinged on entirely.

How can xbow knight work?



No.1: give us exclusive summons

Maybe a bat. Why? Because I wanna feel like Van Helsing as an xbow knight. Maybe it can cast a stronger debuff than what we get as soldier. And one that can be applied from further distances also unlike soldier debuffs.

Also, soldiers are the only class that does not have any kind of summon at all. It's time we changed that. Give xbow knight the exclusive summon. #giveusbatknight

No. 2: new off-hand passives, or new passives in general.

Knights are innately tanky given that most, if not all, weapons we can and could use all require a certain level of STR. This includes xbows.

I'm thinking instead of needing to put in passives to shield passives (passives that decrease apsd) maybe there should be new passives where using off-hand items (dolls lmao but no joke) scale and provide benefits like def (dodge can stay with xbow scouts idk) but not as much as when using shield. Or even better scaling with stats a la cleric that gets block from DEX.

A movement speed passive perhaps?

No. 3: specialization against magic damage

Consider this an extension of No. 2.

Knights, at least the standard 1h knight, can hold their own against mobs that deal physical damage. It's a different story when facing an enemy that does magic damage.

Normal enemies like rupers tear us to shreds. Ghosts take our lunch money. Bosses like Mummy King in HOO made me feel like I was a hawker class char with how soft I was (no offense to hawkers). 

In my mind, even after I specifically made a set with gr8 max magic def, I'd still be pretty vulnerable to magic damage.

To further set xbow knights apart from the standard 1h knights, I propose that xbow knights be given magic def passives. This could make us viable in an off-tank role, main tank against magic damage enemies/bosses, and a possible counter in pvp against mages and BC.

Note: I intend to update this list every now and then.


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I want xbow attack speed buffed from 0.45 to 0.5 at a minimum and for the attack speed passives to be buffed up to 25%. It is the slowest weapon in the game and is slowed down even more by shields.

You know how much attack speed they get from their 20% passives? 0.09 extra attacks per second. Compare that to a regular weapon like spear that has .7 base and 25% attack speed on their passives- they get .175 extra attacks. That's twice as good for the same number of sp. Feels bad on xbow scout too. The buffs I propose would bring the passive up to .125, which is still not amazing. Or buff scout's passives while keeping knight's passives the same with a new a aoe taunt instead, thus differentiating xbow knights and scouts.

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