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How attract new players ?


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In this day and age if you want to advertise and bring in new players there a ton of ways to do so.

Bottom line is you can advertise with Youtube make an appealing trailer for the game use it on youtube ads

Contact MMORPG streamers on both twitch and youtube platforms 

reward systems


But we have to be very realistic the game is Donkeys old and there are just new titles coming out.

but there are still players that will want to play this title


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  1. Making trailers and videos on youtube. You can also ask players here on the forum to do it in a kind of contest.  FREE.
  2. Streaming on twich. FREE.
  3. You can ask youtubers to review the game. I know MMOBytes and Josh Strife Hayes do this to old MmoRPG sometimes and they have alot of views. You can reach them and is FREE.
  4. Add the launcher on Steam will help alot to get players. FREE.
  5. Ads on facebook and google. I know it can be very expensive, but it can be an option in the long run. (IMO i'll wait until the game is a little more popular and the server stable so refer to step 1 and 2 before doing it. )
  6. Add the game to be playable on mobile. The engine is old so I guess every phone could run it. 
  7. Reddit section for Rose online NA?
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I am not sure of this has been suggested, but there could be a referral system. Where you earn Rose Points for referring a friend And you get the points after they have completed a 2nd job or something. 

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On 1/25/2022 at 8:28 PM, Thystro said:

I'd say:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Create landingspages regarding keywords: MMORPG best, Free MMORPG, Free MMO, Anime mmorpg. I checked a lil bit on this in Ahrefs and SEMrush and there is about 20-30k monthly volume on these keywords.
  • Google Ads
    • Create google ads search campaigns with certain keywords with high traffic low CPC (Costs per click) Keyword: Free MMORPG for example has a CPC from $0,20 which is a great keyword (high volume (11k volume worldwide), low competitive density).
  • Social Ads
    • I've noticed on the Facebook Ads Manager you can target people who have liked or have interest in ROSE Online. Which is a target audience between 1.6-1.8m people. Create some sweet creatives on Facebook and Instagram and get them knowing that a new server is coming or is launching on a certain date. Get the hype running. You could also target people with intrest in MMO, MMORPG, Flyff? etc.
  • Blogging
    • Try to place blogs or do interviews on MMORPG.com, MMOhuts, massivelyop and more.
  • Launching on steam
    • Get some good reviews from the community who is already playing/willing to play
  • Newsletters
    • Send out newsletters to the older database. Keep the community updated what is going on (If possible because of rights etc.)

Also I'd like to add that it is possible now to target the current community of Flyff which recently launched a new official server. I feel like there is a LOT of overlap between these two communities.

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4 hours ago, GodOfEntity said:

Games like Minecraft has achievements that give rewards based on what Microsoft can offer. 
I wonder if this sort of thing could be incorporated into ROSE. I'd presume that's a mostly Microsoft thing, so it'd require a partnership. 
It is fun to hear the achievement sounds when playing Minecraft, to see that I'm that much closer to a $5 gift card simply by playing game 😄 

I think the game could just have its own within game achievements. Like defeat 100 Jellybeans (outside of questing) - That when completed, gives you 100 points towards your in game rewards, and upon completing 3,000 rewards, a person can exchange those points for x amount of item mall. 
(nothing too significant, or nothing that would remove the need completely from spending money on IM, but help encourage the use of the IM shop in general, and help familiarize people with it) 

This is more of an idea on quality of life. To keep players around that join. There's just something that hits different hearing an achievement unlocked sound. Sure hits different. Game shows polish, 

Game looking great now tho! 😄

Maybe Achievements also could be unlocked only by being a Ko-Fi member, in order to make it more financially viable to incorporate into the game. 

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