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Free to use clan icons


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I've put togeather a few icons you guys can use for free if you want to. I want to add more in the future.

I cant upload .bmp files to the forum, so i made links to them where you can download it.

shop.png.f5e3ff4d76713ca3ad29828b02c3f3b4.png The Vending Machine

zulie.png.2859f621c46a17ebbc22b8d8782d2b82.png The Currency

quest.png.9cb526c42a49013aa818de8379f8c2da.png Quest Mark

lionhead.png.d71e4cb7b7937901ab40d6bd660d9c9a.png Lionhead

heart.png.c39b4025fc84c791058e47ba052f4c96.png Heart

jelly.png.dc39f3365c9a1dad06b0b8afc9b210a5.png Jelly Bean

Feel free to request your own with an explanation on what it should be, if i feel like it and have time i might make it.

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On 2/23/2023 at 9:30 AM, lazypenguin said:

These are better than the official default ones we have! 🤣

Out of curiosity, why not update the default ones? [increase the resolution while you're at it ;D]

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a higher res then 20 x 20 would b nice mabye 60 orso
an odd number like 21 x 21 would help aswell so you can 100 % center the art
the 1 x 1 being exactly the middle

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