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[Guide] Making a Custom Clan Mark Version 2.0, with more detail now!


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  To make a Clan Icon you will need some programs first, here are 2 free ones to do this

Paint.net - https://www.getpaint.net/download.html

PixelFormer - https://www.qualibyte.com/pixelformer/download.html

To start out we want a picture, lets say its a .jpg file type for this


roseonline-2022-12-31-151544.png.b3602da2001f69058a20b84ba6bb42ed.png Lets take the Fighter Icon on the left of the name here!

Now that we have our image we move to editing it, and making it a .png file type!

Open paint.net to edit your picture, and go to File>Save As>where_ever_you_want_to_save_it. File Name - Mark. Make sure you go to the File Type (as shown below) and make it .png.



Now we want to remove the excess parts, the sandy look from Kenji Beach in this case. To do this we are going to Select the Rectangle Select tool on the tool bar to the left side.

After we have that done we want to crop down the size of the picture to what you want, for instance (picture below)


roseonline-2022-12-31-151544.png.b3602da2001f69058a20b84ba6bb42ed.png will get cropped down to this  1192691816_Fightericon.png.e83a2cc269523e14ff1fa17320e9c13f.png

After we have that done, we need to remove the background and get it to just the part we want, this might require some time and a few different tools, Magic Wand, Erasure, Pencil are a few to help with it, they are located on the left side of the screen.



On to resizing since our picture is to small after cropping!

Resize your image to the correct size, which is 20x20



Once you get it resized it'll look really small if you are at the 100% (original size) but that's because it is! 

Onto Pixelformer, once its open go to File>Import>folder location you chose>file name you chose, and click open. It will look ugly but that's okay. Bottom right you will see how it will look in game.



Once we have the picture imported and make sure it looks good on the bottom right, we can Export the file to the ROSE Online folder and call it mark.

Click File>Export>find your rose folder name the file mark, and make sure it is saved as a .bmp file, once you confirm that hit save. After that the little window called BMP options pops up and you want to pick the bottom or middle option. (15 or 16 bpp one)




!You need to be the Master of the Clan to do this step!

Once that is done we head in game and make a clan with Burtland, or open the clan window and do the following, click view, then submit, confirm, you may have to relog to see the clan icon.


1193289570_Clanwindow.png.19e69f2606a54bf370a795dce21bc09c.png                           1253885935_ingameicon.png.da562d37b5b2a91fd39e65cec4569096.png

You will need to relog for the changes to show, this applies to all clients.

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Massive thank you for this detailed guide, just finished my first custom clanmark. Initially messed it up a bit by selecting the wrong BMP options when exporting, making it look like a small cross hair lol. Changed it when exporting again, and it looks beautiful.

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