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  1. Name of Clan: Vanguard Your clan position: Deputy Master All players that will be participating and their job: kidd=Raider monz=Raider bakaneto=bourg guia=cleric kean=mage ezhir=bourg blueicerains=cleric thugchamp=champion the substitute satokai=cleric vuex=scout strange=cleric amana=raider autorius=cleric champlo=champion chille=scout
  2. tough luck you cant force people to play with you. try making your own premade dungeon group
  3. where can i find the link for this live stream
  4. The way the are right now they are Very underwhelming when you put into account how hard they are to craft. Grade 8 gems and up should be better than sub stats. How they are right now i think not even grade 10 gems are better than sub stats. Buff them pls or bring back runes lol
  5. its obviously rmt thats destabilizing the economy just for an example in discord market someone is selling krawfy king medallion for 1.5b lol. who in their right mind would buy that for that price
  6. there is no way they drop from ga arena bosses i already did a few hundred of them and i dont see any
  7. yah no stats, i dont want everyone to wear the same outfit
  8. what rarity is a purple colored item?
  9. imagine trying to clear sc for 30 minutes only to get 3 bindrunes id be ded
  10. pretty underwhelming for something that costs 65m
  11. valor gear do need a buff or just make it so that we can put sub stats on them rather than just gems.
  12. Kid

    Max clan capacity

    increase clan size or lower clan passive cp requirements. people have other things to do you know we cant farm cp all day long
  13. eveytime you fail the success rate increases so there's that
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