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I am also havijng an issue with Eva not giving me the second quest. I finished Jingle Bells, but she does not give me any other quest except for the fetch quests for the wood.



I finished Jingle Bells on 2 chars and still not ablke to get the second quest

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Every time there is a a server crash, it seems to break this quest.  Hopefully the quest will be back soon.  Meanwhile make sure you get to level 70 and do the quest so you are able to travel to Luna and remember, this quest can only be done once per character.

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16 hours ago, Mamabear said:



I have the quest  on my muse but im stuck at 8/9 reindeers. When they spawn I use the Candy Cane but it say i cant entice anymore. any idea on how to fix?

Have you left Goblin Cave so the ones you enticed are actually saved?

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10 hours ago, Stadia said:

Those Reindeers they sell around 2-2.5m are those permanent, need fuels? sorry I just played rose online until lv when in still with level-up games in PH.


Permanent and they eat the mana in the world’s atmosphere for food. 

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