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ROSE NA Terminology Index

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I'm going to start this with the intention of everyone understanding what each other and some Na ROSE players are saying, as some in-game terms or abbreviations might not be intuitive to a general audience. I'm going to start it off with a few terms, and then edit the list as people post more that I've since forgotten about, or feel are worth including.

Item Terms:

  1. Account Bound: An item which can be stored in the account storage and freely used by all characters that meet the restrictions to equip or use the item. Can be made freely tradable via Item Unbinder.
  2. Character Bound: An item which can only be worn by the character who equipped the item, unless made tradable via Item Unbinder.
  3. Account Locked: An item which can be stored in the account storage and freely used by all characters that meet the restrictions to equip or use the item. Cannot be made tradable once locked.
  4. Character Locked: An item which can only be worn by the character who equipped the item.
  5. Account/Character Bound on Equip: An item that once equipped will bind to the Account or Character. Refer to "Account Bound" for further details on that specific restriction. 
  6. Account/Character Locked on Equip: An item that once equipped will lock to the Account or Character. 
  7. Locked/Bound on Acquisition: An item that once purchased or retrieved from their stored place will apply the restriction, requiring no further action to apply the restriction.
  8. Differences in Bind and Locked: Any item bound can be unbound via Item Unbinders. Locked items are permanently restricted once Locked.
  9. Hardstats / Bold Stats / Primary Stats: The first line(s) or set of an items Bonus Stats that are always found on that unique items Type, Grade and Slot. These cannot be changed.
  10. Secondary Stats / Substats / Tertiary Stats: The second line(s)or set of an items Bonus Stats that are found on an item. These stats can be changed via Stat Rerollers, and are generated at random* when an item is created via crafting, opening of a item box, or dropped via a monster or dungeon reward.
    *Crafted items are affected by the crafters SEN stat, increasing the likelihood of higher potency stats, but does not cause it to favor preferential stats.
  11. Sockets: sockets are a fixture by which Gemstones and Runes* may be affixed to an item giving it determined stats. Note, this will over-ride any Secondary Stats the item has, until the Gemstone or Rune is removed. Na ROSE preserves the Secondary Stats of an item, no longer removing them if a gemstone is socketed; only disabling them until the stone or rune is removed.
  12. Elements: Elements provided an attunement system akin to RPG's like D&D, Poke'mon and so forth, providing elemental strengths and weaknesses depending on the chosen offensive element, and defensive element the wielder and defender employ in the fight. This is also an optional system, requiring no effort to opt out of as all items are generated in a neutral element.
  13. Item Unbinder: An item that can remove the "Bound" status from Account Bound and Character Bound items, making them Tradable.
  14. Blank Scrolls / Blanks: An item that when used on an item, will destroy the item, and copy the Secondary Stats to itself, along with the grade. This generated copy can only be applied to items of equal or higher value. More specific information can be found elsewhere (A link will be here in the future if needed).
  15. Grade / G#: An items grade. A number assigned to designate dividing lines between level or rarity tiers of items. Important information for Blank Scrolls and Refining.

Will expand in the future as needed and mentioned. 

Sections I would like to include and would appreciate reminders incase I forget some 

Trade Terms
Class Terms
Combat Terms


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Dedicated stuff sir.


There also used to be a type called  "locked on aquire"... You would mainly see it for items that NA would allow you to trade once to a different character after a special update or something.

Once you aquired the item it would be locked to your Character and we all know those items can't be made tradable once locked.
But we might not see this type anymore. who know?

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