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Yes to treehouse! Just look at those adorable bunk beds which you could only ever glimpse as your character ran out to defend the Goddess Arua against all those crazy mobs. A lovely place for our guys and girls to rest their heads after a hard day pvping, grinding, buffing and crafting 😂



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2 hours ago, Ashura said:

It would be awesome if the login screen could reflect the planet you are currently on or perhaps when the housing system is implemented could reflect that. Just a suggestion might post it on the forum later on.

The thing about the log in screen is that you are not logged in. So you can't guess, in advance, which account and which character in that account you are going to log in with. The alternative to this would be to either make it configurable, you pick one and that's it. Or, you could make it so that the last logged in character's location would influence the login screen. But I think the first option would please more people and be easier to implement.

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There is well working solution for using the treehouse and not have to worry about having enough seats. I mean, the solution of jRose is kinda lame. So i photoshopped a better one. It's the old idea of having a character list combined with the treehouse displayed in a modern way. There is also room for the publisher for displaying important news and stuff.



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