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Quality of Life Suggestions for Skill Leveling


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The purpose of this suggestion is to reduce (if not totally remove) the practice of clicking to learn, clicking to confirm, and clicking a lot when learning a skill, and to gain a preview when learning certain skills beforehand.

These suggestions are for quality-of-life features when leveling skills:
1. Hover to preview - This allows you to hover a skill in your skill tree and highlight ALL prerequisite skills before learning it. This will also give you previews on how much SP will be used. When pressing SHIFT while hovering, you will be allowed to pseudo-level the skill as a preview of prerequisites and SP cost for succeeding levels.
2. Skill Leveling Guide - Allows you to map your skill path at early levels, giving previews on prerequisite skills and total SP cost.
3. Skill Leveling Preview - Allows you to level a skill then shows a preview of affected prerequisite skills that must be leveled as well and total SP cost before one-click leveling a skill.
4. Skill Draft - Allows you to save skill path so you can auto learn skills or be guided after skill reset.

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