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  1. I don't really understand the point of having three different ammunition slots. I can't think of a scenario where all three (or even just two) would be used. Would be nice to have just one general Ammo slot and the game taking care of the rest.
  2. The purpose of this suggestion is to reduce (if not totally remove) the practice of clicking to learn, clicking to confirm, and clicking a lot when learning a skill, and to gain a preview when learning certain skills beforehand. These suggestions are for quality-of-life features when leveling skills: 1. Hover to preview - This allows you to hover a skill in your skill tree and highlight ALL prerequisite skills before learning it. This will also give you previews on how much SP will be used. When pressing SHIFT while hovering, you will be allowed to pseudo-level the skill as a preview of prerequisites and SP cost for succeeding levels. 2. Skill Leveling Guide - Allows you to map your skill path at early levels, giving previews on prerequisite skills and total SP cost. 3. Skill Leveling Preview - Allows you to level a skill then shows a preview of affected prerequisite skills that must be leveled as well and total SP cost before one-click leveling a skill. 4. Skill Draft - Allows you to save skill path so you can auto learn skills or be guided after skill reset.
  3. Hi all! I tried the Alpha test this weekend. I remember playing the game years ago and had no problem but with my current vision problems(not fixable with glasses) I found it's extremely difficult for me to play the game as everything in the User Interface is soo small for me(health bar,spell bar etc). Since this is an option in many other games i think having a scaling for the UI would be insanely helpful for people like me who can't deal with the small interface. I'd like to add that i tried searching for it in the options and couldn't find anything. Excuse me if there is already an option for that and i just couldn't find it. Feel free to delete the thread if it's my bad
  4. I would love to see some kind of boss log. A place where you can see which bosses you've killed, how many of a specific boss you've killed and potentially even a drop log for that boss to see which unique items you've dropped. As a completionist player this would add another layer to the gameplay that would hurt no one but add to those of us who are completionists - and a lot of people are which is why these things are so popular in games to begin with, alongside achievements which I'd also like to see. Developers could make these aspects of the game as easy or difficult as they want. Some games have extremely grindy achievements and logs, others focus on more easily obtainable ones. I personally love grinding and working hard for achievements and logs - but that's just me.
  5. Here is something, I just hand drew the 2 circles below for the thought. Say the Red circle is for Exp and the Green Circle is for Drops So, if beyond the standard Exp or Drops those would appear and if you hover over either of them, it would give the current Exp or Drop rates. Say 2x Exp or 2x Drops. This way the person would know what the rates are when there is a EXP or Drops event going on. Maybe a 3rd one would be for Events and when you hover over it, it could say Valentines Event, Summer Event, Christmas Event......etc
  6. Currently, the skill tooltips are pretty new player unfriendly, since it's just a collection of skill attributes, which may or may not be important to know: Personally, I prefer a full English sentence, explaining what a skill is doing. To borrow from another popular MMORPG, a skill tooltip could look something like this instead: If you still want to include the formula (maybe enabled by ticking something in the options or holding down a key), it could appear behind the damage number in brackets:
  7. Since we will have both returning ROSE players and brand new players when the game launches, it might be a good idea to have some sort of notification if you attempt to leave Adv Plain before you have at least been informed that you can choose a job at level 10. The questline that starts with Arua's Fairy is clear and easy to follow and people who do the quests will have no problem but not everyone likes quests and not everyone talks to every NPC (like I do in a new game). It's probably in a tool tip but honestly when you're concentrating on playing, it's easy to miss the tooltips. Something like when the Fairy talks to you during the Hero Quest is more like what I have in mind. Those messages really get your attention and you are forced to respond before you can get back to actually playing.
  8. Hey all, i was playing another MMO and I tried something, I think, could be interesting in Rose ! It's a window to find other people in the area you are. For example you are in a boss spot and you need people to make party, you just list the people around you and can directly msg them or send a group invitation. In this list of people, you can see the class they are playing, their level, their name .. here it is a screenshot for example. ( sorry dunno if I can publish that .. you surely will recognize where it comes from but a picture is more revelant than an explanation ) What do you think about that ?
  9. Fairly obvious by the title but for further context and detail I'll try to elaborate. The Game Arena currently tracks and displays end of match statistics for PvP matches, however this functionality doesn't extend to the dungeons. I am going off the assumptions the base framework of dungeons will be used with new dungeon content or rebalanced dungeons, but would still like to suggest the minimum following if possible. Total Run Time from load in to final boss KO'd. Total number of: Damage Dealt, Damage taken, Healing Done, Deaths, Dispels/Purifies, Dodges, Critical Hits, Monsters KO'd Valor / Faction Point / Clan Points gained (if any) That would be fairly comprehensive, and assuming the framework of Game Arena PvP can be used, shouldn't be too hard to implement. I'd like to see this request for a few reasons, primarily to give some statistical feedback to players, without needing an API to hook in a damage meter, or to develop a combat log and third party parser. As someone who enjoys casually min-maxing my PvE/M experience or trying new builds and testing their functionality, these statistics would be an ideal middle ground to give accurate information but not boil it down to DPS/HPS which tends to become used in toxic or mean spirited ways. The other primary reason is for doing speed runs, challenge runs, % runs etc on dungeons for a player driven competitive PvE scene. I personally loved a point in time when a few of the clans in ROSE were doing speed runs of the dungeons and posting videos of their best clear times and would love to see that return. The negatives I see are mostly along the lines of costing some development time, though how much I cannot guess too much at. And as with any raw information given in statistical form, it could be used to brow-beat and shame other players «which should already be disallowed but that's a different matter». Seeing as that precedent has already been set with PvP I think the community would be mostly ok with the small chance that someone might need to be blocked, for the benefit of rough information about your dungeon performance. Cheers -Vile
  10. Do you have any plans to rework the storage? We want it to not be limited by slots and pages. There will be unlimited slots on one page, limited by weight (similar to the player inventory). That's from the FAQ and it was also mentioned in the livestreams. I have one concern, which I did bring up at that time but I wanted to also mention it here. Artisans (and bourgs) need to gather and keep many, many items. Stacks of drops are quite heavy and arti's need a lot of stacks of a lot of things in order to be able to craft or reinforce. Basing storage on weight is going to be a big problem for artisans. I'm not sure what the answer is. Maybe excluding materials and just basing it on the weight of equipment and weapons would be one possible solution. Removing weight from drops needed in crafting is another, tho that would be a lot of work and also defeat the purpose of expanding the inventory with backpacks as was also stated in the FAQ. Personally I liked having pages in storage. My artisan had a page with wood mats, one for metal mats etc and it was easy to quickly grab the mats I needed. I also loved having unlimited Item Mall storage for my thousands of costumes :P. But change is a part of life and I'm sure this change will be fine. We just need to find some way to make sure that dealers are not penalized for choosing that job.
  11. I know the mob levels show when you actually enter a map, but many times a user will forget (like me) what the recommended levels are for that map. So how about under or to the right side of the map name that the mob recommended levels be added there? Comments, suggestions, etc?
  12. A suggestion for all events, have an icon show up below the level and character name with the name of the event. If you click on that icon, it will give you details and who to see to take part in the event. I know it is automatic, I suddenly got the St. Patrick's drops and didn't even have an idea that it was going on and at this time, I could not remember remember who to speak to for the event
  13. How about the ability to right click on a character and see their name, level and job?
  14. How about adding the MP bar below the HP bar, like the picture I tried to add it to (just used snipping tool to add the bar as a demo)
  15. There needs to be a way to lock the bars in game so you don't accidentally remove skills or whatever from the 2 bars.
  16. This one is pretty simple. There could be an option in the settings to always display item details when hovering items without having to right click them. Credit to @OwlchemistVile for giving me the idea, so if the idea sucks blame him https://clips.twitch.tv/SteamyJollyClipzDxCat-6Wt5K6vqFsFfhZqT Pros: It would allow hovering many items quickly in inventory and storage. Right clicking also moved the camera so it would be useful if you're looking for something specific. It could also be toggled on by defaut so new uses would already see the full item description without having to right click, which can be unintuitive. Cons: Development time it might require.
  17. I'd like a toggle to enable/disable chat bubbles above characters when speaking. I was giving it some thought and it would be a nice privacy setting and anti-stream harassment setting. Until the swear filter is auth'd and not easily bypassed client side, I'd feel a lot more safe if I could disable chat bubble display while streaming once the game goes live. Also, it'd be a nice immersion setting.
  18. Would be a nice quality of life option to be able to sort the materials tab by type, and possibly quality.
  19. The Hints and Tips box [the one at the top of the screen with yellow text] really should have a toggle, and/or be able to be moved/repositioned. [Preferably at least closed with a toggle]
  20. I think it would be nice to be able to have some sort of quest tracker. It would be a bit like a list of all quests, organized per map or something so that it's not too cluttered. That way, if you come to a point where you don't remember what quests you have already completed and would like to know which one you could be doing next, you could go check the quest tracker and see, for example, that you missed a quest in Valley of Luxem Tower, and go get it from the NPC it shows you can get it from. I think you get the idea, but here's a visual example: Valley of Luxem Tower Quests The quest for bees that I finished The quest not for the bees I completed Quest I haven't done yet Another quest not done yet There could be a drop down many to select a map, or a world. When you select a quest you can see which NPC you can get it from, or just a hint if you haven't completed the quest yet. Pros: Keeps track of all quests completed, and those not completed yet. Cons: Uses dev resources to make the feature. Edit: typos ._.
  21. I believe Rescudo also with RRE had it where when you were looking at shops, the name of the shop would change from whatever background to a grey background for the shop name as you looked at them This way you know which shops you have already looked at. I would say that would stay till you either log out or change maps, depending on how it can be programmed. Now if the shop changed items, then the shop name should return to normal colors.
  22. Hello, Ever since the shift to Evo, the map UI hasn't been able to be enlarged like it did in iRose or Pre-evo. Is this going to be a possibility to do that for this server? And before its mentioned, yeah you have the + sign that zoom's in, but that is not what I'm asking for. Its for the circle itself to be enlarged. Thank you!
  23. How about a way to trigger the drop names on/off in the client? I like mine on all the time, others maybe not, but if in the client there was a trigger, we can choose it.
  24. I would like to see the following on these lists: Friends list: if not online, show date/time when character was logged on Clan members list: show date/time when character was last logged on, plus their job and level Party list: show job/level. is there a way to show if the character has been inactive and for how long? Anyone else have ideas on these? did I miss any lists?
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