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Mage elemental defensive skills


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Hello, everyone, here's yet another badly-formatted suggestion - this time about mages.

So, I got to thinking that mages are all about versatility and choosing your own adventure, so to speak. You could master wind and water, fire and arcane, even water and fire. Yet, when it comes to defense mages have one thing: Fortified Mana Shield. Don't get me wrong, this mana shield is strong as heck in most circumstances but it's a bit one note  - and that's a little weird for a class as interesting as mages. So, I'll be suggesting elemental defenses for  mages.

Others have talked about third classes, multiclassing, necromancers, warlocks and whatnot - those ideas have to be raised and addressed properly later, I think. This idea can be put forward right now, maybe for the first release after closed beta.  


For each element (excluding perhaps Holy) a mage could have a passive in their elemental masteries that provides superior resistance to that same element along with an increased weakness to another element. So, it's not all strawberries and cream.

Immolation: A fire mage could thus choose to have +25% increased resistance to fire damage and take 5% more damage from water. They could also enjoy increased resistance to stuns

Guardian of the Waves: A water mage could have +25% increased resistance to water damage and melee attacks as well as being unable to be slowed, while taking 5% more damage from fire and poison. 

Corrosive Skin: A poison mage (? O_o) could enjoy similar resistance to poison damage and very high physical regeneration while being more vulnerable to ... something. The poison element is a bit tricky, much like the wind element which typically offers high evasion, if I recall correctly. (Someone check on this for me, please. ) The arcane mastery is also not something I can see working with this concept, but let me know what you think in the comments.

Guardian Winds: For wind mages. Not sure about this part. Increased resistance to projectile attacks?


HUGE EDIT: The poison resistance skill  (Corrosive Skin) won't work here as it (along with the others) was viewed as (optional) part of the appropriate mastery. There is no mastery skill branch for poison in the Mage skill tree. Something for hawkers then?

Also, the arcane resistance should simply be considered part and parcel of the current Fortified Mana Shield.  



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