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Thanksgiving Event Nov 13 - Dec 1


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There are two main event quests and both are repeatable.  Everything is on Junon Planet

[Mayor] Darren in Junon Polis   Make sure you don't have too many open quests, then talk to the mayor to get the quest called "Gauntlet of Gratitude"   This quest has a weird mechanic.  The objective is to talk to four specific NPC's and thank them.

Double click on the clue icon in the quest log to get a clue as to the identity of each of the NPC's, then speak to them. 
quest log.jpg
To close the clue image, double click on the clue icon in the quest log.  For those who need help, check in the spoilers below.

hint 1 cropped.jpg



Answer [Akram Minister] Mairard in Adventurer's Plains

hint 2 cropped.jpg



Answer [Event Info] Judy in Zant

hint 3 cropped.jpg



Answer [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Mildun in Junon Polis.

hint 4 cropped.jpg



Answer [Manager of Ferrell] Arothel in Junon Polis(storage)

A silhouette of someone in a top hat appears. "Forget to thank someone did you?"



Answer [Mayor] Darren in Junon Polis

After completing the "Gauntlet of Gratitude" quest, Darren will give you a quest called "Preparing the Feast" 
You'll be doing this quest at least 6 times if you're lucky (and many more times if you have luck like mine).

Once again, we have that weird mechanic of double clicking on the icon in the quest log to get the clues,  Check in the spoilers if you need help.

feast hint 1 cropped.jpg


Go to the Valley of Luxem Tower and kill Pomics until you have a Pomic Antennae.

feast hint 2 cropped.jpg


Go to El Verloon and kill Rackies until you have a Rackie Tail.

feast hint 3 cropped.jpg


Go to Adventurer's Plains and kill Pumpkins until you have a ... Pumpkin.

feast hint 4 cropped.jpg


 Go to Anima Lake and kill Grunters until you get a Grunter Tusk


Return to Darren with these (yummy?) ingredients.  The reward each time you complete the quest is a piece of one of the coolest launchers in the game. The reward box is called Festival of Thanks Box and it will go into the consumable tabOnce you open it, the pieces will go into the material tab of your inventory, so make sure you have 6 spaces. The good thing is that the quest is actually pretty easy. The bad thing is that it's possible to get duplicate pieces.  The pieces will be account locked, but the box that they come in is tradable. 

 When you collect all 6 pieces, bring them to Darren and he will assemble them into the Turkey Shooter.
turkey shooter.jpg     turkey shooter stats.jpg


The other main Thanksgiving event quest is a daily quest, just like the dungeon and PvP quests.   This quest can be done once a day per character while the event is on. Talk to  [Designer] Lisa in Junon Polis to get the quest "The Hungry Village"

This quest can be a bit frustrating but I promise, it gets easier as you do it more.   Lisa will give you the Inspection Kit. 
inspection kit.jpg
The easiest thing to do is put  it on your skill bar because you may be using it a LOT.  Go to that village in El Verloon Desert and start using the Inspection Kit until you find the Giant Bird Tracks.

In the spoiler below are screenshots of the three areas in El Verloon where you should use the Inspection Kit. Double click on it on your skill bar as you move around these general areas slowly.  Keep an eye on the system chat and when you see this message, you're very close to the spot so keep clicking as you move an inch at a time.

NOTE: If you're doing this in a party, the trigger spot will probably not be in the same place for everyone.  The mini maps in these screenshots are not exact locations but they are the general areas where you can get this quest drop.



It's kind of hard to see from this ss, but the upper area is pretty much over the NPC Orias.  


This area is a little ways outside of that village. You can see Feuey on the right in the background. 


This area is below the village, where the Rackies are.

bird track.jpg

Once you've found the Giant Bird Track, head back to the village and talk to [Fruit Cart] Feuey to get the next part of the quest line called "About a Chicken (1)"

Scroll (or walk) to Adventurer's Plains and talk to [Path Guard] Bert to get the next quest called "About a Chicken (2)".  Seems those naughty Jelly Beans stole something.  Go teach them a lesson until you get the Drawing of a Chicken Monster 
Return to Bert to get the next quest called "About a Chicken (3)" .

Next stop is Valley of Luxem Tower.  The Elder Pumpkins can be found around the base of the tower.  When you get the quest drop, head to Zant and talk to [Guide] Lena.  Pick option 2 
lena dialog.jpg

 She will send you to Kenji Beach with the next quest called "About a Chicken (4)".

[Resident] Hotch is near the barrels and boxes on the beach. 

Talk to Hotch to get the next part called "About a Chicken (5)".   Unfortunately, he is too hungry to be much help,. Kill Krawfies until you get all of the proofs then talk to Hotch again. 
hotch hungry.jpg
Eventually he will give you the next quest called "About a Chicken (6)".

Back to El Verloon and speak to [Ferrell Guild Merchant] Lina in that little village.  She finally confesses and gives you the last quest called .... yep, you guessed it... "About a Chicken (7)".


Leave the village by going down the mountain ramp, then go up the other mountain ramp (the one you were on when looking for the chicken tracks) but this time go all the way up until you enter this little clearing.  

Wait in there until nighttime and the Giant Monster Chicken will spawn. It also spawns little ones that can be deadly to lower level characters so be careful.  It's probably best to be in a party, because if one member of the party gets the quest drop, everyone in the party will get it too.  If you miss it, just stay there. It respawns pretty quickly.


This is a ss from alpha


When you have the last quest drop, return to [Fruit Cart] Feuey to get your reward.  The Thankful Harvest Crate will go into the consumable tab.  Check the spoiler below to see what can be inside of it. Make sure you have space in both consumables and equipment tabs before you open your crate.


The Thankful Harvest Crate can contain the following:

Pumpkin Pie quantity- quantity 50 - HP 15%
Cranberry Sauce- quantity 50- MP 15%
Turkey With Gravy -quantity 100- HP 50%
Butternut Squash Soup- quantity 100 - MP 50%
Maple Pilgrim Hat
Chicken Monster Mount 

pilgrim hat.jpg

chicken mount.jpg


Events are a lot of fun, but when you're working on a quest and killing monsters, please be mindful of low level players who are leveling in the area. Don't hinder their leveling progress by taunting/killing every mob around them.  The maps are big enough for everyone if we use some common sense.

Happy Turkey Day!  🦃

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2 hours ago, HLAJR said:

How about the other quest? Do we need to get all three of the inspection site or just one of those three?

Those three spots are where the tracks might be. Every day when you do that quest, the spot might be different but it will be in one of those three general areas. 

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2 hours ago, zstark said:

I've done 56 quests and no number 5 😕 . I don't recommend doing this quest unless you want to spend the whole day. Not 'easy' at all.



I still haven't gotten part number 5 either but there are Turkey Shooters around so other people are getting it. I was told its random. Congrats on getting yours!

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12 hours ago, zstark said:

I've done 56 quests and no number 5 😕 . I don't recommend doing this quest unless you want to spend the whole day. Not 'easy' at all.

I did 20 quests and got all pieces with a few extra boxes unopened. Luck is simply not on your side.

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