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PvE exclusive buffs

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Hello. I had just created a similar post to this a little bit ago, but thought of an even better idea than fully removing all class specific AOE self buffs. For people who have not read my first post, i will briefly try to inform you about why I wanted AOE self buffs to be removed. I think it is a very exploitable game mechanic and will ultimately turn other classes into "buffslaves" defeating their purpose enitirely toward the reasoning of why they removed cleric offensive buffs in the first place, which was to avoid being a "buffslave" making them playable such as every other class.  this But i think this will even further push people to seek other alternatives such as buffs from other classes to supplement those buffs normally recieved by cleric. In doing so, this led to the "buffslave meta" Back in 2017 in NA rose everybody was using other classes as a "buffslave" they would be decked out completely in max charm gear in able to get the best possible buffs. These buffs were Extremely overpowered and made the game so unfair and unbalanced to a point anybody who didn't have these "buffslaves" would be demolished in PVP. 

Well, After further thought i have decided its an even better idea to just make the buffs only effective in PVE and remove the stats gained by the buff completely from pvp. Because the unfair, unlevel playing field advantages don't come into play until you factor in PVP, that is where it becomes extremely unfair and unbalanced. So, I think it'd favor most people to keep these buffs PVE only than completely removing them as players still get to feel strong and being nerfed is just not fun at all. To even further improve this idea, I then thought it would be awesome to keep the class diversity and uniqueness to all playstyles to make it so the caster /owner of that class specific buff not only keeps the PVE benefits like other players benefiting from these buffs, but the owner/caster also gets to keep the PVP benefits aswell. I think this would be a really cool idea and would not only serve as the solution to these exploitable game mechanics, but also improve the players experience by improving playstyles and adding more diversity in them. 


Thanks so much for reading, I'd love to hear your feedback on these matters down below. Have a great day Roserians 🙂 

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Make buffs a passive aura that you need to remain near your party members to retain. You don't have to spend mana or activate them [unless you want to], they're always on and simply coming into range of your party provides the benefits. 

That means you have to actively be participating with your party, at minimum in the danger zone [DANGA ZOOOONE] in order to benefit. 
Also get put a duration much shorter on Bonfires and Flames. That should require more up-time maint. 

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