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Dungeon leaderboards


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Currently, not a ton of people runs dungeons anymore, due to lack of rewards, and repetitiveness. I think adding simple leaderboards similar with Akram arena, would add a massive incentive to them, and add a lot more replay-ability  as it would add a competitive element to PVM, which the game does not have much of at the moment, besides contesting and fighting over who gets to farm Turak. I don't think it would be too hard to implement either, as AA already has them. It could just tell how much damage everyone did, and the person who did the most damage and contributed to the team the most, gets an extra reward, or even just more valor points. It could also work similar to AA, the more damage dealt, healing done, damage absorbed, etc the more points you get. This i believe would also incentivize players to fully complete dungeons, rather than simply running past all the monsters, and only killing the ones you have to, to open up the next path, and kill the king. I think this would significantly increase activity in dungeons and overall will improve the endgame greatly, and would only probably take minimal effort.


Also to add to this idea, they could have a seperate dungeon mode players can choose if they wish, that would time you, could choose from easy, medium, hard each decreasing in time, and if you complete them in that time, you get a better reward. Eventually, i think it would also be really cool to have players compete at who can finish the dungeons the fastest. There would be a general leaderboard accessible through opening the dungeon UI, and it would show how fast every team has completed a dungeon, at the end of every day or week, the fastest team gets an extra reward.

If all of these things were added, I would be doing dungeons nonstop, and that's coming from a die hard pvp player!


Let me know what you think! Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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I think this would work better for a hard mode to dungeons for only max levels. The 210-250 could be normal mode with the current loot. Then the max level only dungeons could be a harder version with maybe double the stats on mobs and bosses as well as double the rewards and the inclusion of the leaderboards to highlight MVPs for most damage, healing, damage taken, killing blows, least amount of death, etc. It could be a daily or weekly reward based system that takes the top x players on the board and rewards them with extra Valor Points and some dungeon related items.

There could also be a secondary Clan Dungeon leaderboard ranking for strictly clan parties that run and compete against each other for timed runs/full clears that rewards clan points to the top 10 clans of the week. 1st place could be rewarded 10 million CP, 2nd 7 million CP, 3rd 5 million, and 4th-10th 2 million CP.

The max level hard dungeons could also introduce new loot and remove ulverick medalion. Maybe a new Lisent type, 250 exalted gear, backs, offhands etc., chemicals, new tier of uniques, 2nd grade to the skill books or new ones, and gem box 7.

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1 hour ago, prettywomanlover said:

Currently, not a ton of people runs dungeons anymore, due to lack of rewards, and repetitiveness.

lol what kind of idiot isn't running dungeons when ash goes for 40m? It's the repetitiveness that's the issue. We need a rogue like dungeons or another couple dungeons. I like the leaderboard idea and also a clan leaderboard.

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