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How do I raise Critical Damage percentage?


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Sen doesnt raise crit damage only crit rate. The only way to increase damage is citrine or passives for that classes that have them (katar raider, scout, axe champ, launcher bourg/artisan) there are some exalted sets that add a little bit of crit damage but thats about it.

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16 hours ago, GodOfEntity said:

SEN, I believe. (Thanks to Phish_ now I know I believed wrong) 

Yes, though raising crit when it is below 50% chance means higher crit odds and thus more crit damage. I like to think of crit as a damage amp. So like 50% crit chance for 50% crit damage is 25% more damage on average. 

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Sorry for piggybacking but do you know if a 50% critical rate is the maximum in practice? I know the stat caps at 50% but some people have said that a higher "ciritical rating" stat (shown when hovering over the critical stat) would increase the rate higher in practice but committing to test that is an expensive endeavour 😄

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