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  1. Not necessarily. You won't use a peridot on skill based classes and can consider another gem for mixed attackers (using both skills and autos) also the pierce change gives those gems more viability in pvp. Regarding the initial proposal, I do think limiting the amount of clerics is necessary but I think we should cap it at 5 instead of 3. Yes 5 cleric games have alot if healing but if we're too restrictive then people will be detered from playing their class which also can lead to a lack of clerics at the same time.
  2. So while I do think this will make the actual AA games healthier and more inactive it does come with some issues. What is the magic number to limit? You need to differentiate between Support and Battle Cleric. NA Rose originally checked this be checking if the clear had a heal and buff skill, I would suggest checking if the cleric has the skill heavenly grace in this case now. That also leads to an issue like a team having 1 support and 2 battle clerics and reaching the cleric quota, but is not nearly as much healing as 3 support clerics which also makes me think capping the number of clerics a 4 to be safer because limiting people who main such classes is an issue as well. So I think having more active counterplay to things is a good approach in the long run. More skills that apply wounded or reduce healpower, particularly aoe oes that can deter a team from piling up on top of eachother. Consider a skill that leaves behind a hazard in one spot that debuffs received healing if you stand in it. the sikuku catacombs slime already has this mechanic in game. Another counter is some type of skill/stat that penetrates block like you said, without it necessarily being super high damage to non shield classes. The more that I think about it, you could apply the effect of pierce defense to penetrating block like this: This would reduce an opponents block physical stat by 50% - 270. The knights Block Physical stat would be lowered to 1705, the block rate would remain untouched. The pierce def/magic stat is relatively underwhelming, this also gives it more value in pvp. This does however change the dynamic of pvp as such classes with high pierce stats will do much better damage vs knights and clerics, so that can also lead to potential balancing issues.
  3. The economy prices of certain stats vs others is just supply and demand. The reason the dex ap sells for more than the int ap is because more people want the stat therefor pay more therefor the price goes up.
  4. It's going to be too luck based on the randomization if you don't. A team of 4 support clerics is just something that needs to be avoided
  5. You should probably try to do it in a way that distributes classes somewhat evenly
  6. Overall probably crossbow scout. Axe champs are really low, probably even more in pvm. Gunbourgs are pretty common in pvp now
  7. It's cool that you put this together but there's definitely some....bias? Like how does a support cleric have offense? Even if you count the sleeps and mutes a battle clerics has the same one plus actual damage. Artisans are also not that bad, theyre still doing more damage than champs and knights in the average AA game
  8. Not really a fan of including separate stat buffers in a tournament but it's your decision. 10 v 10 with a week's notice, is there even going to be enough entrants to host a proper tournament?
  9. Gotcha, didn't know there were mods present to teleprt people
  10. What happens when there's a stalemate? Allowing 2 of the same class can lead to teams like double cleric knight or double knight cleric, which probably won't die to a team of 3. How do you deal with interference? Since it's in the people could easily get in the way just by standing near the combatants, getting in the way of the target enemy skill or weakening aoe damage just by being hit by them. Not to mention hawkers could just stay in stealth that aren't playing and get in the way of aoes.
  11. Any consumable item can go in the skill bar, I think ammo can be placed there and reloaded if you click it
  12. Can you use honor buff potions? A team wont be able to get full buffs otherwise.
  13. Existed in the client, I don't think it is actually dropping. The server has been up for 9 months and has anyone even seen it in game?
  14. I wanted to make this thread to have some discussion materials for crafting gems grade 8-10. Many features that were implemented in the last couple years when Genesis was lead developer of NaRose were left unfinished and were implemented in a way to incentivise item mall sales. The grade 10 gem update got implemented in patch 655 in February 2018 and like most updates in that time period never got adjusted since. 5 types of materials were added in that update: Small Glistening Orbs Very Rare Tier 7 different colors. Drops from level 200+ mobs including in dungeons Prismatic Dust Epic Tier Drops from level 200+ leader type mobs (bronze star) or higher Large Glistening Orbs Legendary Tier 7 different colors. Drops from level 200+ leader type mobs (bronze star) or higher Prismatic Fiber Legendary Tier Drops from Wandering Bosses in Orlo or Dungeon Bosses (a drop on the ground NOT a reward) Prismatic Lattice Legendary Tier Drops from Wandering Bosses in Orlo or Dungeon Bosses (a drop on the ground NOT a reward) These items all still have a yellow name when they're some of the rarest items that drop in game. Small Orbs should have a blue name and the rest should have a purple name. Now these drops are very rare and you need many of them for gem crafting,not to mention the rate of failing is quite high and you can lose some or all of the materials. In Narose though there were tons of item mall items that could help increase the rate of farming them. Medal of Fortune/Sigil of Brilliance (2-3x drop rate) Medal of Retrieval (no reduction in drops for lower level mobs) Medal of Abundance (Extra drop quantity (same principal as a dolomite asscher)) Epic Drop tier Medal Legendary drop tier Medal Lucky spin costumes that gave extra drop rate The cute cat/dog/cow/dragon costume that gave extra drop rate specifically to Legendary and Epic Tier drops Premium Account that gave an extra (25%?) Drop rate None of these exist anymore. The only thing that's still around are the drop rate gems and the ever so flawed clan passives. The clan passives do increase rates by a noticeable amount but we know the clan point system needs work also. Something else I noticed after looking back at the old warpportal forums. It looks like Prismatic Fiber and Lattice used to also be a possible Dungeon Reward back then too. Some reference: Patch 655 A post I made with feedback on drops A post about where to obtain Fiber and lattice Prismatic Fiber and Lattice aren't Dungeon rewards anymore. Im wondering if they were removed from the table as anaccident because it was thought that they were used for runes not gems. There were materials used for upgrading runes called Paradigmatic Ore /dust /cluster /essence /fragment /remnant. These were similarly named but different items; Im hoping this was an oversight. Hopefully this thread sees some light, because this is one of the updates that should've been tweaked from NaRose.
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