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As everyone knows prices of upgrade material are getting higher and higher.   Low level players especially new ones that are just starting cannot afford it anymore, they cannot farm it as well because they cant compete with high level players. 

Who owns the boss that drops it?

Answer: High level players, clan that stays on the spot all the time to kill the boss.

Who controls the prices of the mats?

Answer:  the clan that monopolizes it.

What will the lowbies do? 

Answer: its either they quit the game or buy zulies "RMT".

Where do they buy zulies? 

Answer: to the clan who monopolizes the upgrade materials  of course!


How's the economy doing inside the game? 

Answer: ITS GETTING BAD! and the prices of the materials are still getting higher and higher every single day.

Who would still enjoy the game?




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I farmed listenHG from lvl 130 to lvl 160 or so? On two chars, had like 1,000 HG after. 

Everyone rush's CoU... I don't, (not always anyways)  I actually like to farm it with bourgs. I've got 141 Listent U, 75 listent G right now. --- ( I also just refined a weapon to 13) 

The gem prices are going to drop for the next year while it gets farmed. Its supposed to drop. Supply is suppose to go up while demand goes down. That is the way of the game. 

As people get better with farming, you'll notice prices will start to drop.  Also, if you spam Ulverick really fast, is another way to farm Listent U... 

I haven't farmed in ruins, those are clan controlled locations. Join the clans that run it.  idk. I'm enjoying the game, personally. 

(Personally I think Prices will go up and down, but generally speaking, prices will start to go down on everything once they cap out for a bit) 

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Generally speaking your first playthrough should be without epic gear. You grind your way to the top. Once there you can then use the easy money you earn at max level to buy gear to start another character and level up faster. Generally speaking if you want cheap mats, farm them. If you want gems, make an artisian and craft them. You dont HAVE to rely on others.

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