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Please remove GA Energy Requirements


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An honest question: What’s the point of Game Energy points for dungeons currently?

For instance, this just happened:

I joined Sea of Dawn. It costs 3.75k points which is a *lot*. I get DC’d so I lose all those points.

I rejoined a Sea of Dawn group. They instantly kick me without saying anything (maybe I was the wrong class — or they were waiting for someone?). Apparently you lose all points when you get kicked too (erm… why?).

And so I lost 7.5k points and can’t do the dungeon anymore tonight. Sure I can afk and just not play, but that’s not really the point of a video game?

So my question is: with all end game content requiring Game Arena Energy, what’s really the point of having these energy requirements? They just make people play less. It’s hard to find dungeon groups right now (maybe less so for CoU or SC shaman only runs).

Sure, you can buy 500 energy for 10 valor. But that’s about equivalent to the valor rewards you get. And with these constant DCs it’s not really worth splashing your valor on a hypothetically successful dungeon run.

Some suggestions: Game Energy is only consumed after a dungeon boss is defeated. Or just get rid of the Energy altogether?

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50 minutes ago, Zeror said:

Getting kicked and losing points is a bad system. Can be easily abused too.

Truly. Anyways, I waited for my GA energy to reload after the incident above. And now the client crashed when I tried to join SC. 😄 And it again consumed my energy so I can’t play. Not my lucky day, but seriously this GA Energy system makes no sense at all. Just remove it.

It’s getting hard to find dungeon groups now. Why make it even harder?

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I've been meaning to post about this.

The whole reason Game Arena energy exists in the first place was an incentive for people to buy premium accounts.

When you had premiumthe restriction of it was lifted and you had unlimited energy. If you don't want to make it completely unlimited it very much should be reduced because it doesnt really serve any purpose other than to inconvenience people playing the game, and especially inconvenience them if they disconnect or get kicked from a game (or crash in a pvp mode). 


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4 hours ago, Avatar said:

LazyPenguin has stated on Discord that they do plan on making adjustments to GA Energy. For now, however, their priorities are still the major bugs on the server. 

Yep, appreciate the response! I wonder though if it could be a convenient fix to just remove one 0 from dungeon energy requirements. Make 3750 to 375 for instance. I don’t know how this is coded but I assume it’s just one line of code somewhere. Would make the endgame content more convenient for hundreds of players in an instant hotfix.

Edit: or similarly, increase energy regen from 1 per second to 10 per second. Or total game energy from 10k to 100k…

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I get that this game is supposed to require lots of patience, there's supposed to be lots of grinding. But please, until the random disconnecting problem is resolved, can we please consider removing the energy costs for the GA, so that the frustration of disconnection, to not be able to rejoin, or to loose out on the drop when the boss is 2k HP left, can just be, ever so slightly negated. 

I understand that it's going to take a while to finish polishing the networking code so that EVERYONE that experiences intermittent disconnecting, will no longer experience it. I'm sure this might of been suggested before, to help negate the frustration. I do get that, doing this would temporarily take away from working elsewhere, but please, for the sake of my Sanity, and the sanity of others. Players shouldn't be getting punished for DC's as hard as we're getting punished with GA Energy depleting like this. 

Player frustration goes down

I get less sleep because I can spam DG more. 
Coders Spend less time working on the REAL problem, for a temporary band aid solution. 

Thanks for consideration. 

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