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  1. Yes, please! Especially now with skill prices having gone through the roof.
  2. What’s this exactly? Or are you referring to the HP/MP regen?
  3. By the way, did reroll hammers exist in a previous ROSE (official) version? Because now that you mentioned it I started getting memories of such an item (I played i/eu/p/naROSE). Or maybe it was another game!
  4. Hmm, why not! Another positive of this could be that valor points would be more coveted and people would do more dungeons. Currently it’s getting very hard to find a dungeon group for dungeons that aren’t SC or CoU. The unique stat RNG already exists so shouldn’t be too hard to implement.
  5. Yeah, maybe. Thanks for your thoughts. It might be that people just grind in ways that I can’t even imagine. However, I’ve played around 4 official versions of ROSE before this one. Each one of those eventually had a dupe exploit. I saw it personally many times. So I wouldn’t rule that out without a thorough investigation. Just one more thing to think about: let’s the zulie floating around is generated by selling items to NPCs. Just generating *one billion zulie* — which really isn’t that much in the current economy — requires selling approximately *twenty thousand* blue items (at 50k average) to an NPC. And that’s not accounting for the fact that zulie also disappears when items are upgraded and repaired.
  6. Yeah. Those who attribute the inflation to demand (demand-pull inflation) still fail to provide examples of where all the zulie is coming from. I’ve played this game a fair bit and ever since I made my 30m from the Orlo quest the zulie I’ve made from NPCs really is negligible. Sure, you sell a handful of blue items here and there (usually 20–100k), but even the exalted gear is best to disassemble. Meanwhile, NPCs (hey, Crune!) eat a whole lot of zulie. The more interesting question to me is: what on earth is increasing money supply at this rate? And yes, money supply also creates inflation. Prices have ~doubled in the past week. The situation now is that if you don’t play for a week, your savings go *poof*. The economy was really stable for ~2 months (ever since a major zulie supply, chewed bones, was nerfed). This sudden change is suspicious. Edit: And I should add that ever since I wrote those posts above I’ve had some people DM me telling that they’ve seen really suspicious things, like people with full inventory stacks of items you shouldn’t have at those quantities. There’s also been some screenshots on discord. Not direct proof of duping, but it’s a signal worth looking at. Again, it only takes one exploit(er) to cause hyperinflation. Edit 2: Further, since we all know RMT is happening quite a lot, there’s actually a real-world monetary incentive for people to find and exploit a dupe. So if there is a dupe exploit, some may be illegitimately making real money from it.
  7. These are legit great ideas and could make early game a bit more fun. Because now those three classes of blue gears equalled basically to trash.
  8. Yeah it’s especially suspicious when so many people have full +20 sets and each of those +20 items has sunk like 30–100m to Crune alone. And after level 200 the only sources of zulie (directly, from NPCs) is selling items (20–200k a piece) many of which people don’t even sell (because they are better disassembled). Just my ”back of envelope” thoughts, anyways. Would be interesting if devs had access to the wealth distribution of players in game. Just to see how much zulie is really in circulation and see if that figure is plausible.
  9. Well yeah (I kept mine), but to be fair it is a bit silly to have a one-shot BIS item appear as an early quest reward. New players get it before they understand the game mechanics. Make it tradeable and you can just make a new low-level char to get it. No bad effects of making it tradeable to my eye.
  10. Yeah, wealth begets wealth. And ROSE has no progressive wealth tax. However I still find the amount of zulie in circulation suspicious. Consider someone buying a set of items for 6b. That’s the quest rewards of 150 players for one accessory set. I’m just really suspicious that there’s this much zulie in game, which relates to my point #2. The problem with dupes is that it only takes one exploit(er) to ruin the economy. But it’s all speculation so I’ll leave it at that. Edit: So I’m hearing anecdotes now of random people trading randoms in Junon and handing them stacks of Lisent U. Before I’ve seen people running around dropping millions… Again, not proof of duping, but this is exactly what happened in previous ROSE versions when dupes were exploited.
  11. Thanks for opening the discussion. I think the recent inflation is a bit suspicious. There are people running around in Junon dropping millions like in iROSE days. Which just reminds me of how all previous (legitimate) ROSE versions I played ended up. My two cents: The overall liquidity of the server (amount of zulie in circulation) depends on two factors: sources and sinks. The main zulie sources have been the Orlo (and to a lesser extent, Kenji) quests and items sold to NPCs. In total that’s about ~40m of legitimate zulie per level ~200 character. NPC items don’t give much zulie, but I’d assume on average they add up to some couple dozen millions per lvl 250 player? The zulie sinks on this server are intense. I’m only a casual but I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more zulie on Crune alone than I have made from quests and drops. And I don’t even have +20 gear! Each +20 item out there has basically sunk someone’s quest zulies. So how is there so much zulie in circulation? To me it seems like sinks even outweigh sources. Early on, some made unreasonable amounts from chewed bones. But that’s long ago. Weirder still, there are less and less players doing Orlo quests — so zulie sources are shrinking. For a while, about a month ago, the server’s economy was actually behaving predictably. Zulie sources were nerfed and less players were doing Orlo quests, and prices of key items quickly halved. But then, since about a week ago, price hikes have been insane. Supply and demand mechanics don’t seem to explain it. If anything, there’s more supply and less demand of key items than before (people only need one set of many core items to share among accounts). I’m just flagging this as suspicious. I can think of two possible drivers of what’s happening. The first one is certain: RMT is accumulating insane amounts of zulies to a few people who are hoarding items. Some people are buying all skill books, mounts etc. from Junon and setting up a monopoly, driving the prices up. The same is happening to lisents etc. because some clans have monopolised certain economies (this is legitimate, though!). The second option is… someone is duping or exploiting something. No proof here, but each ROSE version I’ve played had eventually had this problem. Therefore, my priors are set to be suspicious here. I’ve seen some people vend stacks of items that you only get 1 per quest. Can’t be sure, but it does smell of duping. So this is definitely worth looking into. All in all: the economy is behaving weirdly now after being quite nice and stable for a couple of months. It’s suspicious and definitely aversive towards new players. Happy to be corrected on anything!
  12. Yep, appreciate the response! I wonder though if it could be a convenient fix to just remove one 0 from dungeon energy requirements. Make 3750 to 375 for instance. I don’t know how this is coded but I assume it’s just one line of code somewhere. Would make the endgame content more convenient for hundreds of players in an instant hotfix. Edit: or similarly, increase energy regen from 1 per second to 10 per second. Or total game energy from 10k to 100k…
  13. Truly. Anyways, I waited for my GA energy to reload after the incident above. And now the client crashed when I tried to join SC. And it again consumed my energy so I can’t play. Not my lucky day, but seriously this GA Energy system makes no sense at all. Just remove it. It’s getting hard to find dungeon groups now. Why make it even harder?
  14. An honest question: What’s the point of Game Energy points for dungeons currently? For instance, this just happened: I joined Sea of Dawn. It costs 3.75k points which is a *lot*. I get DC’d so I lose all those points. I rejoined a Sea of Dawn group. They instantly kick me without saying anything (maybe I was the wrong class — or they were waiting for someone?). Apparently you lose all points when you get kicked too (erm… why?). And so I lost 7.5k points and can’t do the dungeon anymore tonight. Sure I can afk and just not play, but that’s not really the point of a video game? So my question is: with all end game content requiring Game Arena Energy, what’s really the point of having these energy requirements? They just make people play less. It’s hard to find dungeon groups right now (maybe less so for CoU or SC shaman only runs). Sure, you can buy 500 energy for 10 valor. But that’s about equivalent to the valor rewards you get. And with these constant DCs it’s not really worth splashing your valor on a hypothetically successful dungeon run. Some suggestions: Game Energy is only consumed after a dungeon boss is defeated. Or just get rid of the Energy altogether?
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