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[Tool] Install & update ROSE Online on Linux | Update ROSE Online on MacOS


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Hi! I've built some stuff which may be useful for those of you who use Linux or MacOS.

How to install & update ROSE Online on Linux, with Lutris

First, you need to install Lutris, a system for managing installs for Windows games. Get it here.
Once you have Lutris installed, run the following command in the terminal:

lutris lutris:rose-online-swamp-rose-installer

This will automatically download and run the installer, then update your game with the custom updater I built.

To update your game at a later time: Open Lutris > Right-click ROSE Online > Execute script. This will update your game in the background. There is currently no way to check the progress, so just wait a couple of minutes.

How to update ROSE Online on MacOS

The custom updater is available for MacOS as a Homebrew package. To install the updater, copy and paste the following command into your Terminal:

brew tap snyke7/swamp-rose-brew https://github.com/snyke7/swamp-rose-updater && brew install --cask --no-quarantine swamp_rose_updater

This will install a 'swamp_rose_updater' application into your Applications folder. You can either run it, and navigate to your ROSE Online folder, or drop this folder on top of the application. This will open a new Terminal window with information on how it is trying to update your ROSE Online installation. After it finishes, it should display 'ROSE Online is now up to date' at the bottom.

The '--no-quarantine' part is required for this to work. MacOS will otherwise flag the application as untrustworthy, and will strongly suggest you move it to the bin.

Troubleshooting and questions:

  • 'bash: brew: command not found' when installing the updater on MacOS:
    • You need to install Homebrew for this to work. Homebrew can manage such custom utilities for your Mac system. Learn how to install it here.
  • I use UI modifications, and do not want them to be updated.
    • You should put a file called 'no_update_list.txt' into your ROSE Online folder. Then, enter the paths of the files who you do not want the updater to update, one per line. For an example, see here.
  • I want to play ROSE Online on my Steam Deck.
    • There might be relevant info for you in this topic. I did not manage to get ROSE Online running directly through Steam, other people have.
  • Where can I find the source code of the updater?
    • You can find it on GitHub - the script itself, and the packaged binary versions for Linux and MacOS
  • Lutris & Linux: How can I dual client?
    • With Lutris open, right-click ROSE Online > Duplicate. You now have 'two' ROSE Online's, which you can launch separately.
  • Lutris & Linux: How can I login automatically?
    • This guide basically applies, except that we do not use Windows shortcuts. With Lutris open, right-click ROSE Online > Configure. Now navigate to the 'Game options' tab. Change the arguments to the shape found in the guide.


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