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[GUIDE] Auto login to selected account


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Since there is lots of relogging in, its maybe helpful to setup auto-login for account. Rose does support it, even though has some limitations compared to old NARose

Steps to setup auto login:

1. Go to Rose Online folder (In my case: c:\Games\Rose Online\)

2. Right click on trose.exe and create shortcut in local folder or desktop:



2. Rename shortcut to something you can undrestand later what it is (by clicking on it, or pressing F2 on it and putting name)



3. Right click on this shortcut and select "Properties" of it



4. Edit "Target" line and add following

--login --server connect.roseonlinegame.com --username YOUREMAIL --password YOURPASSWORD

Replace "YOUREMAIL" with your account email (e.g. [email protected])

Replace "YOURPASSWORD" with your password (e.g. mysecret)


Example "Target" string would be: 

"C:\Games\ROSE Online\trose.exe" --login -server connect.roseonlinegame.com --username [email protected] --password mysecret


5. Click "OK" to save it


After clicking shortcut it will connect to game, and log you in to Character select screen.


Important notes:

Password is not ENCRYPTED, means password is saved inside shortcut (care if its shared computer or its problem for you)

Game DOESNOT auto-update while using auto-login. Please run launcher for it

Too often login attempts will get your blocked, so use with care.

Best MOVE this shortcut out of Rose folder after finished, so you dont delete it accidentally on reinstall (or create shortcut to desktop on step 2.)

Old launcher also supported --password-hash but seems current one doesnot yet, once Developers have time to adjust it, i will update this post

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An issue that came up for me is that when I copied --login --server connect.roseonlinegame.com --username YOUREMAIL --password YOURPASSWORD into properties, it took out the space between -- and password. Had to add it back before it worked, so if anyone is having an issue, that may be it.

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I made a batch script (Windows 7+) for managing multiple accounts.

You choose an account by pressing 1 or 2. It is possible to extend the script for more than 2 accounts.

Make a simple text (.txt) file in the ROSE Online game folder together with the trose.exe file.

Copy and paste this into that file and fill in the fields [e-mail address #1], [e-mail address #2], [password for account #1] and [password for account #2].

@echo off
echo These are your accounts:
echo 1 [e-mail address #1]
echo 2 [e-mail address #2]
choice -c 12 -m "Which account are you logging in?"
if %errorlevel% equ 2 goto account_two
if %errorlevel% equ 1 goto account_one

echo Account two chosen ([e-mail address #2])
timeout 1 -nobreak >nul
echo Starting ROSE Online ...
start trose.exe --login --server connect.roseonlinegame.com --username [e-mail address #2] --password [password for account #2]
timeout 3 -nobreak >nul
goto end

echo Account one chosen ([e-mail address #1])
timeout 1 -nobreak >nul
echo Starting ROSE Online ...
start trose.exe --login --server connect.roseonlinegame.com --username [e-mail address #1] --password [password for account #1]
timeout 3 -nobreak >nul
goto end

echo Allright we're good to go.
echo Enjoy playing ROSE Online! :)
timeout 3 -nobreak >nul

Note: If your password contains an ampersand (&) and possibly other special characters you have to add a ^ before it. Example: PwHnmR6D&4n! --> PwHnmR6D^&4n!

Rename or save the file that is in the same folder to rose.bat (it can be any name really, it does not matter). Then create a shortcut to the desktop.

It is important that the file extension is changed from .txt --> .bat. If you cannot change it for some reason, make sure file extensions are visible to you.

As mentioned by @rayun the passwords will be saved in clear text, and doing this will be at your own risk if this is a shared computer.

Give me a message here or on Discord if you need any assistance setting this up. I will get back to you when I can. Do not tell or show me your e-mail and passwords if you contact me as these are strictly private.

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typo, note about password with special character, and another typo
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I used the launcher and just made two shortcuts and named them what my account was for, they now show up as two different programs and have the file name as the program name

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On 12/19/2022 at 5:00 PM, xSean said:

Is there a way to start a client on the 2nd monitor this way? Kinda annoying to readjustice the Fullscreen (Borderless) Mode after every DC...

You don't need to do that, hold windows key + shift and use the arrow button to swap back and forth between your monitors

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