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Dear mods, there's a better way to handle downtime


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First of all. I know when there is a downtime, it's all hands on deck to control the crowd. Your effort is appreciated. But.. I see some issues in the way you're doing the approached method which can be improved.

Here are some points to take in consideration:

  1. Use just one announcement thread and update the cause in that thread.
    Currently i see 2, 3 threads addressing the same downtime. It's confusing. One thread is enough and bundles the info. Latest message in thread is the latest update on the cause. It's as simple as that.
  2. Change forumsections (like General ROSE Discussions, Bug Report and Tech Support) so that posting threads needs mods approval during downtime.
    A lot of people are posting about the downtime. I know people want information about the cause, but having dozen of threads about downtime is not nesseccary and even annoying to others. Have mod approval enabled on some forums limits this issue.
    In addition you could cross-post or cross-pin (i dunno how that works in this forum software) that announcement post instead.
  3. No matter if you know the cause of the downtime or not. Just announce there is a downtime.
    People had to wait hours before an official update was given. Just announce there is a downtime. Tell that you're investigating the issue and will come up with more details later. Then the people know the team is busy handling the downtime even if you don't have details yet yourself.
  4. Server status page does not always match the actual status.
    Update that page or fix if it should update automatically.
  5. Post an update across all social media channels as soon as possible.
    Not just Discord, because it's easier. Update across all channels. When there is a downtime, people are searching what's happening. Keep everyone informed by keeping track of your social media platforms.


I hope these points helps you out to improve the way you work during downtime.

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i have to agree that the communication could use a real boost indeed today there has never been a official word about putting the servers down. only 1 hour before it went down that they knew there where isseus.
hen 10+ hours quet and you need to find out in general discord that the server has been up already for a while. when i login there where about 150+ shops in junon

so today no offical word that the server went down
and then when they booted the server there was 1 smal message in a channel that got 50 messagege every 5 min

it feels a bit that they expect us to check the game every 5 min (and see if you can login or not) if you want to be in fast after server is up to setup a shop or somthing


and the people that dont use discord (yes there still people that dont have it) did not hear anything for about 20 hours about the down time
So please dont forget to inform the the people that only use the forum for info aswell

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