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[must-have] A new user interface is 'desperately needed'!!!


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A New UI is  'desperately needed'!

Like half of the threads in this suggestions forum and more in the bug report section are all related to fixing the user interface. And all these stuff can be solved with one big task for the development team, namely that this game desperately needs a modern UI!

The UI of ROSE is very outdated. It may look good, but the way the UI works is not in keeping with modern times. From the interface windows, like inventory, quest journal, to the smaller ui elements like playertags all needs an modern upgrade.

Some wishes for this new UI:

  • UI needs to be scalable.
    • Bigger monitors require bigger interfaces as well. A scalable UI solves this.
    • And if done right then stuff like playertags, vending signs, NPC/enemy names etc.. can also be sized based on the distance (further away is smaller, close is bigger), which will solves a lot of things already (no more vending sign clutter in the cities for example).
    • Most UI elements should be movable.
      • This is already a part of the current ui, but could be extended.
  • Adjustable keybindings should be a thing.
    • A great loss and a absolutely must come.
  • Interface windows could be flexible to increase/decrease screen space usage.
    • Part of windows could be collapsable or expandable. Doing right and you might even consider combining some interface windows together.
  • UI should be more intuitive.
    • Some actions/functions could have multiple ways to do them.
    • A whole new flexible UI system which makes it easier for the team to introduce new features without having to use cringing windows and such.
      • One example is the current merchant shopping windows. Often large empty windows with a few items means a lot of unused space. A new kind of merchant window could solve that issue.
      • Another example of this is the current item transfer window (at a merchant) and the numberpad when transferring stacks of items. Cut out the middleman here. These systems can easily be modernised.
      • Third example is the quest dialog window. This window uses the full width of the screen which makes the text lines way too long. Ideal would be 15 to 20 words at maximum. This means the lines shouldn't take the whole screen width and the Quest Dialog can be made more compact and flexible.
      • Fourth example is the buffs/debuff element. Currently the icons are very small and show info only with mouseover. Bigger icons are showing a timer underneath makes this ten times better. Also seperate buffs and debuffs would be better.

A lot of more things can be called here, but many stuff people call a problem is related to the outdated ui of the game. Fix that first i would say. It's a big task, but can solve many things at once.

Note: if the devteam likes, i can be an advisor to make the ui better. I am a UI/UX designer in real-life.


Example Improvements

Here are couple of example how to improve things:


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