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What is your favourite Job/Class?


Whats your favourite Job/Class?  

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On 1/12/2022 at 12:02 PM, HazDS said:

I do enjoy playing Muse (both Cleric and Mages), with Dealers coming in a close second!

I'm sorry I was rooting for this so much until you said Dealer LOL. Not to be a hater on the Dealer class but, I just found them way to hard to level up late game unless they had a party. Which in all my years of playing really makes Dealers the only class that I have not gotten past level 200.

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Personally, I started as a Raider main. Overtime I changed my classes but always relied on my cleric to get me started on each journey. In so making clerics my favorite class overall. Maybe not so much in the pvp aspect of things but, when it came to community gameplay and party leveling. They were the most relaxed and helpful which I enjoyed.

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