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Triggersoft - Gravity Videos


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I thought you all might enjoy these Official Rose Online videos from long ago  🙂




Rose Online 2004 video from Gravity / Triggersoft - 



Rose Online about 2006 EVO Announcement from Gravity / Triggersoft  - 



Rose Online Animated Video 2006 - 


Rose Online Gravity Interactive 2011 Trailer - 




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The third one is also my favourite. It looks so good even though it's in 240p! The textures is what I hope Rose will look like eventually 🙂

I love the four looks of the characters too, seeing all 4 jobs of dealer, hawker, muse and soldier sets, I'd love to see those in game!

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What about this one? It's not from gravity, but still cool. This was the winner of a video contest on PhRose back then. Anyone remember this one. I certainly remember this. Such good vibes.


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