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Bonus stat item slot (or something)


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I wholeheartedly agree that the pay-to-win aspects of the game we not great, and having costumes with bonus sets was not ideal because everyone was wearing the same thing, and you were limited to what you could wear because the bonuses were useful. I love the idea that costumes will always only be costumes and purely esthetic! But I will miss the fact that there was a way to get a small percentage of extra drops and extra exp though.

So, it could be cool to have an extra item slot in the avatar area of the inventory for bonuses. I don't think these bonuses should be anything like attack power or crit, because some gems already do that, but it could be a thing too... However, these bonus stat items could be, for example, 10% exp bonus or 10% chance of extra drop. It could even be a bonus inventory space as like a 4x4 slots storage or something! They could be quest rewards so it would be available for everyone.

Please note that this is an open suggestion and that I don't know myself how exactly we could bring back bonus stats and make them better or if we should even bring them back in a certain way. But if it were a bonus item, there is a space for it in the avatar as you can see in the image below. Otherwise, feel free to add your ideas and thoughts!


Thanks to Owlchemist_vile for keeping his inventory open for hours and letting me get this screenshot on his stream.

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