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  1. I think the game is too peaceful if you look at the aggro of the monsters. Aggro should be build up from the first couple zones. I agree on that, but when you're past Zant the introduction of the game is over and the real danger can begin. Mobs should be much more dangerous from that point. No more passing or skipping certain mobs for speedy leveling or something, but being attacked by the mobs cause they are a threat to you and you are on their kill list. Levels of aggro (should not be based on difficulty): Peaceful - might attack sometimes. Will attack you if coming too close. Will attack if nearby. Will attack if in targeting range. Will attack and alert nearby mobs to assist. Level 1 and 2 are perfect for the first couple of maps, Adventure plains to Zant. After Zant level 3 should be active. The higher level zone you get the higher aggro level the zone should have.
  2. So today while I was watching HazDS stream, they brought up experience rates, and the topic included rested EXP. HazDS mentioned that in the game he was referencing, you could say sit in a shop, and accumulate rested experience bonus, say up to twice the normal rate for an hour. This led me to think, how about instead of AFKing in a Shop or Town, you could AFK in maps of a lower level than your character, and THAT would build rested EXP. This could potentially increase the frequency that higher level players are available to assist lower levels or new players with questions, or killing a quest boss they're struggling with, or simply giving them directions to where they need to go. It's a very basic foundation, but it allows for expansion, and could be a way to incorporate helping or being available for new/low level players.
  3. I think it would be a good idea to have an NPC in Junon for resetting skills and stats. It would make sense to give players free skill/stat resets until level 100, so (especially new) players can experiment without being punished, or they can just reset if they pick the wrong skills/stats. After level 100, I think it would make sense to charge something like 1 million * each level you have over 100, with a base cost of 50 million Zulie, or something in that range. So, if you're level 157, it should cost 107 million Zulie for someone to reset their skills or stats. It wouldn't be free, but it would be affordable enough to be able to get a reset past level 100, if someone wants one.
  4. I was talking with my friends yesterday on discord about what we hated the most in rose online back in the days and it's the drop system based on level. You had to stay at a certain level to continue farming a specific monster. When you character was too high level, the monster/boss could no longer drop anything. It was the most annoying part of this game since you had to make many characters with different level range to farm certain area / Boss for legendary, crafting and refining items. And also it was so annoying to kill a boss and see no drop at all. Imo, the Experience Nullifier shouldn't be the solution to fix this problem. Why not change the drop system so you can keep farming and see drops from mobs no matter level you are? I can understand a level 220 shoudn't get as much drop than a low level character in the lower level area since they can 1 shot low level thrash mobs, but at least make the drops still possible to get at any level. What do you think about it? edit: I just saw in another topic a solution from the member Zeror i think is a very good one.
  5. Since we will have both returning ROSE players and brand new players when the game launches, it might be a good idea to have some sort of notification if you attempt to leave Adv Plain before you have at least been informed that you can choose a job at level 10. The questline that starts with Arua's Fairy is clear and easy to follow and people who do the quests will have no problem but not everyone likes quests and not everyone talks to every NPC (like I do in a new game). It's probably in a tool tip but honestly when you're concentrating on playing, it's easy to miss the tooltips. Something like when the Fairy talks to you during the Hero Quest is more like what I have in mind. Those messages really get your attention and you are forced to respond before you can get back to actually playing.
  6. as durability influences dodge on armors and hit rate in weapons. (not sure if it is like that here) from what i see, the higher the lvl the item, the more chance you get them with dura 50 - 100 while lower tiers has 20 - 50 base dura. so i would like to suggest that give every armor a base and max durability available. like 40 - 60, so a maxed out item would be really precious and will be totally godly, wont flood the market. market will also be lovely since stats/duras varies, players will also much likely use what ever best thing they can find as possible and makes every player not so choosy on using a not maxed out item.
  7. the Breezy Hills map I love, but I don't like how someone could just run though and never be able to level in it or even use it. What is where I drew the red line it is a deep canyon with no way through that people would have to drive or walk/run around. Could be like the grand canyon more or less? The blue lines could be where the characters would have to run to get around Just thinking outside of the box here with ideas.
  8. I've noticed on alpha streams that monsters generally hit quite hard and take a while to kill, even when they are green and the streamer is running full (10) refined gear which most players won't have resources for at the beginning. Although I haven't played in the alpha myself, I feel like solo leveling is a bit too hard right now and would suggest a general monster nerf, reducing either hp or defense stats of monsters across the board. This makes solo leveling more viable considering this will be a new server where nobody has the Zuly to refine gear constantly and where there will be no high level clerics to buff you and make you considerably stronger. It will also make the grind a bit faster, which seems to be what other people have voted for in this thread.
  9. Hi all, I have often heard the devs say that they don't want to make it a super long journey to max level and want to help people as much as possible. In a way, yes, it's probably demotivating for people to restart from scratch and have a slow journey back to max level. However, personally, I think this slower leveling experience is one of the core principles of what makes Rose so unique. Nowadays in MMOs you rush to max level in 2-3 weeks, and then it's all about running dungeons/raids or farming up for BiS gear. All the gear you farm before max level is basically trash loot that you won't wear for more than a few hours or a day and you sell it back to NPCs, and features like mounts are something you get after an hour of gameplay instead of something to work towards for a few days or weeks. Although some people enjoy this, I personally miss the oldschool feeling from games like Rose and WoW classic where getting to max level was a journey with lots of rewards and progression along the way. Rose does this really well, you get carts at level 50, you get a 2nd job after that, then you unlock a new world, another new world after that, every few levels you switch to a new area or mobs to get better exp and so on. And during all this, you constantly get rewarded with better gear and cool items like wings that are level locked. "Do I buy little angel wings at level 90 or save up my Zuly for large angel wings at level 120? The large ones look so cool, I can't wait to get to 120 asap!" I haven't felt this kind of experience anymore since quiting Rose Online 10 years ago, and this is one of the main reasons I'm excited about a relaunch. So please, don't change the experience too much from what it used to be. Pros: By sticking with the original experience, it's more likely to feel like the old game and attract the old player base Sets Rose apart from private servers and other newer games which do exactly the opposite Cons: Some people will quit for not reaching max level fast enough Best, Sui
  10. I wholeheartedly agree that the pay-to-win aspects of the game we not great, and having costumes with bonus sets was not ideal because everyone was wearing the same thing, and you were limited to what you could wear because the bonuses were useful. I love the idea that costumes will always only be costumes and purely esthetic! But I will miss the fact that there was a way to get a small percentage of extra drops and extra exp though. So, it could be cool to have an extra item slot in the avatar area of the inventory for bonuses. I don't think these bonuses should be anything like attack power or crit, because some gems already do that, but it could be a thing too... However, these bonus stat items could be, for example, 10% exp bonus or 10% chance of extra drop. It could even be a bonus inventory space as like a 4x4 slots storage or something! They could be quest rewards so it would be available for everyone. Please note that this is an open suggestion and that I don't know myself how exactly we could bring back bonus stats and make them better or if we should even bring them back in a certain way. But if it were a bonus item, there is a space for it in the avatar as you can see in the image below. Otherwise, feel free to add your ideas and thoughts! Thanks to Owlchemist_vile for keeping his inventory open for hours and letting me get this screenshot on his stream.
  11. I understand that it would be hard to design a way to 100% create a way to level up via PVP only from lvl 1, but I believe giving exp rewards could be a welcomed change for hardcore pvp players who would be able to progress through the few last levels doing the content they actually enjoy doing.
  12. Suggestion: This suggestions consists of two parts, which are supposed to work in symbiosis: Add a "Hero's Presence" aura to max level characters, which increases the out-of-combat regeneration of HP and MP for leveling characters by a significant amount. Add a social point system, which lets a leveling character commend a max level character once per account for being a tutor, friendly, welcoming or helpful in any other way. These could be either a currency for special "social" cosmetics or accumulate as a number for cosmetic rewards at specific milestones or for a (weekly/monthly) leaderboard. I personally prefer a system you cannot "finish", i.e. something like a regularly resetting leaderboard (at least as a part of it). Why: With the rework of the Cleric, concerns have arisen, that the main interaction between low level and high level players - going around and buffing leveling characters, while having friendly and helpful chats here and there - is going to get lost. This was something, that was unique to ROSE and albeit not perfect, still something very positive. The second suggestion is aimed at giving max level players of any job an incentive to seek out leveling players to engage with them and be helpful. The first suggestion ensures, that there is always some tangible improvement with a max level character around. Though, it is specifically not supposed to be an in-combat bonus and no power increase, to prevent it from being mandatory (to bring a second client). Potential Implementation Difficulties: If dual-clienting is allowed, it will be hard to stop someone from creating as many accounts as it takes to keep commanding themselves. I am unsure, whether an aura as described is possible to implement without major rewrites. "Once per account" might also not be a thing right now. Commending would probably have to come in form of a new skill (like Party or Trade). Pros: provides welcoming environment for new players brings recognition to helpful max level players makes "helping low levels" into a more official end game activity removes a concern about the Cleric rework helps populate old zones Cons: possibly too much time investment to implement. exploitable, if not implemented right (though it could be obvious if someone did not earn their social points the honest way), but then again, it would be about a few cosmetics at most
  13. Today i would like to introduce a controversial idea : Bots ! The idea behind it is very simple : When a map has less than a certain amount of players the server would spawn some bots at various locations that will attack monsters passing by and help players questing / leveling. The Player would be able to party with bots and enjoy some content that would be otherwise un-accessible alone. Why ? Some of you may ask Simply because Rose tends to get "empty map syndrome" once the server is old enough. Newer players may often find themselves alone in big zones and frustrated. Also it is worth considering that players from certain parts of the world will be playing at times when the majority of the population is asleep / working, you shouldn't feel excluded because of a timezone. Some details : To prevent abuse, you wouldn't be the party master. Bots would be assigned random stuff / classes adapted to each maps. You could only pick up 50% of the loots, just like a real life situations *almost* Bots can use skills, their build is standard. This system is not intended for immediate release but when the game is already 1 years old or so. A very very rough overview on how the system would look like could be this : Now of course, this is just a glimpse of an idea. The final system would be far more optimized ( considering players passing by / shops , levels...) but i believe most of you get the idea.
  14. I did not really play EVO, so I am speaking from an iRose POV. I think it would be a great idea to scale the monster levels on Junon Planet a bit better, to get better use out of all the maps (if possible). I love Breezy Hills, Forest of Wisdom, and Anima Lake so much and think they do not get used as much as the other maps when leveling because all of the lower level maps seem to be around the same level/not worth traveling to. pros: more usage of maps; spreads players out more (not sure if this is a pro, but I think it’s good since then there wouldn’t be like 50 people at Woopies in Zant the first day), cons: could be harder to have to scale each map; maps may be too big and still not worth running to, since only certain areas have dense population of mobs (and those tend to attract the most people) Even if this isn’t the best suggestion, I think doing something to have people go to these type of maps would be a good choice all around.
  15. A question arose not long ago on how to get high level players back into beginner fields, such as max levels hardly ever go visit desolated areas because there is no reason to do so. What advantage do they gain to be in these areas? I am curious what members, and maybe a staff member may think on the idea. An NPC is located in each city, or in secret locations (not known to us yet, up to the developers) Each npc will have a special task for you to complete, on the task you may need to hunt a certain amount of materials (like... 200 of this item,) or kill a certain amount of monsters to complete the slayer task. The reward can be in points. points can contribute to special items like a inventory bag that can contain up to 10 extra spaces, 1 inventory bag for items, 1 inventory bag for edibles, 1 inventory bag for materials. only 1 at a time can be taken, and not all 3 can be used at once. the item is permanent. but only 1 can be used at a time. pkers may like the inventory bag for gear switches, long term teams may like edibles to stay alive longer, and scavengers may like material bags for extra holding spaces. To obtain certain items, it takes points rewarded on completion. just dont make it like 5 points to obtain that bag, make it like 2000, or something really high, so it can be grinded out for. because we do want to make this game harder, not simple and easy. it keeps the motivation high for items. and easy to where this system is no longer used after 2 hours of completing all the rewards. just throwing out a idea to help bring high levels back to beginner areas. (The tasks can be assigned to ANY monster. its a gamble basically every time you accept a task.)
  16. I played some other MMORPGs and some of them are using so called effective levels. It means your level is reduced according to the map you are currently in. That reduces your stats by some %, but not your skills. It allows high level players to farm materials at low lvl maps and also help lower level players with kings, suggestions... Community develops. The good thing is also, that there are practically no empty maps. I don't know if engine allows such manipulations, if not, just delete my post.
  17. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is allowed, but please let me explain. The entire reason I'm suggesting this is because it has been previously stated that no work has yet been done to this game as to what this team has in mind. Everything thus far has been fixing the code and other back-end stuff. So please keep this in mind when posting your reply. i absolutely love this entire staff and have nothing but praises to give! This game is awesome and magnificent and I'm just grateful that this team has brought it back from retirement. I, however, have a different opinion in terms of what the level cap should be, and I do believe that there are other players that share this same mentality. Too achievable - For starters, I feel that a level 100 cap is way too low. Yes, I understand that the entire premise of the proposed level cap of 100 is for this game to not be as grindy or to give the newer population a sense of not having to catch up so many levels for end-game content, however, it's too easily achievable. As previous people have already stated, you can literally take the weekend to level to 100 with a party. It's not difficult. 100 can be reached utilizing maps throughout Junon and a couple maps in Luna. This leaves a slew of maps leftover on Luna, all of Eldeon, and all of Orlo. If I'm not mistaken, there are plans (eventually) to create the planet Karkia once everything has been settled and in the vision of the team. No progression - It has also been stated that just because there is a new planet introduced with mobs and such, the max level should not change. I disagree with this, wholeheartedly. People love to replay their maxed out characters and go for further leveling. If I start off with a cleric, I will play that cleric until max level. From then on, I will be buffing new characters to also max level, but also to farm for gear. I will not level on my cleric again.. which is a shame because i love PVE, not PVP with cleric. Easier scalability - Ramping up the max level in game also makes things a little easier in terms of the amount of work that would have to be accomplished on the teams part. If I remember correctly, the plan is to take all gear/armor that's over level 100 and to reduce it to level 100. This would allow players more options for dressing up their character. Weapons are also included in this. This, to me, is rather an insane amount of alternate gear/armor/weapons one could attain. Like, far too much. Lol. Having higher level gear/armor/weapons would make less work on the team in having to reduce all gear/armor/weapons levels/stats, as well. I'm sure there are other reasons, but none of them come to mind. I wanted to post my peace and allow others to give their inputs, as well. Whether that's for an increase in max level or keeping it at level 100. I know I'm nobody to this server, but I am hoping that you, as a team, would hear the community out and at least try and meet us halfway on stuff we'd like to see in the game. Thank you!
  18. I think it would be nice if lower level maps and specific cities would have way to get buffs from npc somehow. Coming to play as new without buffs and gear in rose is relatively hard, especially if you dont know much about game. Even basic strenght buffs helps bigtime, it would still keep cleric to be one who can give really good buffs. It would make people flow around specific areas on map and gather for buffs, also allow solo or new player groups buff up. There could be some quest in first maps what explains about buffs and then as way to learn it gives buffs via npc/etc. It could start with basic dash and attack power buff, and expand it to all buffs based on map/difficutly, also raise buffs strenght (but still keep them UNDER level of any cleric buffs). Its totally useless for longer time players who has own cleric, but will allow solo players to play alone, or even skip having own buffslave if no top buffs are needed
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