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Transfer refinement level from an item to another


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This is more of a general idea than a specific one. When leveling and changing weapons and armor, refining gets very expensive since you change gear frequently.

It would be nice to have a way of using a refined item to refine another. Maybe a couple refinement levels could be lost, maybe it could cost more zulie than just refining, maybe you could only transfer refinements between items of the same type (weapon, shoes, back items, etc.) or of the same item grade, for example. It could be an extra option at the NPC that allows refinement, it could be a skill like dissassembly too, I dunno!

I'd like to know what alternatives there could be to this or if you guys have any idea what other conditions or limitations there could be.

Another point to consider is that this could just be a very bad idea because it would remove the economy aspect and rotation of items, meaning that, instead of buying and selling things you need and no longer need, you'd just consume what you no longer need for your new items.

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