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Tracker for completed and not completed yet quests


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I think it would be nice to be able to have some sort of quest tracker. It would be a bit like a list of all quests, organized per map or something so that it's not too cluttered. That way, if you come to a point where you don't remember what quests you have already completed and would like to know which one you could be doing next, you could go check the quest tracker and see, for example, that you missed a quest in Valley of Luxem Tower, and go get it from the NPC it shows you can get it from. I think you get the idea, but here's a visual example:

Valley of Luxem Tower Quests

The quest for bees that I finished
The quest not for the bees I completed

Quest I haven't done yet
Another quest not done yet

There could be a drop down many to select a map, or a world. When you select a quest you can see which NPC you can get it from, or just a hint if you haven't completed the quest yet.

Pros: Keeps track of all quests completed, and those not completed yet.
Cons: Uses dev resources to make the feature.

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