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Honor / Valor... PVP / PVM... let's all unite!


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I would like to suggest to unify valor points and honor points into 1 single currency. We have to get out of this horrible idea that a game may force its player into engaging into an activity he does not like. Of course the time / reward value of both activities has to be balanced.

I would also like to suggest the removal of pvm / pvp bonuses to all gears :

1) I do not think creating hard segregation in-between 2 communities of the same game is nothing point toxic.

2) Balance can be done via the item's stat directly.

3) This increase greatly the pool of gear stat combinations to be picked up for all game activity... I like that.

4) It replaces crafted gears / dropped gears as part of the end game gear pool.

5) It fixes an issue that will pop up eventually as I believe you guys are looking to make Clan Fields a thing again.  (I can see PVP players completely anihilating PVM players in any PVP/PVM mixed content)

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I would have to politely disagree with every point you made. It would have almost exactly the opposite effect you think it would. [We had a discussion about this on my stream 2 days in a row, and I'm certain the DEV's heard it both times, but if people would like, I can clarify it again in text later]

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Let's put it this way : I have played ROSE before the introduction of PVP / PVM sets - After PVP / PVM sets and I did not see any positive effect on the game at all.

First thing it did from my point of view is to create a thicker wall between PVM and PVP community.

Second direct effect was too boost IM sales due to the artificial need of refining more gear sets for each game activities.


I can foresee big big issues with the introduction of more clan fields and opened pvp maps in the open world, that will literally make it impossible for PVM players to be competitive on any of those maps. Unless of course, everyone has their own PVP set and PVM set... and there we are again in the situation where if everyone has to have something... then noone has anything, and the game design fails.


I cannot understand why ppl would pledge to see segregations in between the community of a game where both are bound to cohabit together because of shared mixed content that do give huge advantage in both PVM and PVP aspect of the game.


Plus, I want diversity... I love diversity, any system artificially reducing the stat pool I can pick from to build my characters goes against my will.


Therefore, we can have long discussions and share opposed views, but I will most likely stick to my ideas because I know how solid they are. Everyone is very welcome to disagree!!! Life would be boring if we all were of 1 mind.

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