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Alpha Live Stream Channel Point Ideas


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Hello everyone!

Ahead of tomorrow night's Alpha stream which I will be hosting (full details on Discord) I am interested in getting ideas for themed channel point redemptions that could be used during the live stream and on an ongoing basis to make the experience a lot more interactive and fun ... possibly at my expense too!

A couple of ideas so far:

1) Commit suicide (I definitely wouldn't want this to happen!)

2) No weapon for five minutes

3) Drop all food consumables

4) Sit down and do nothing for 60 seconds

I would be interested to hear what creative ideas you might have and I will look at getting as many of them into the stream as possible!


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Hi @HShires! Awesome that you will be streaming.

A few ideas I have for the channel points:

  • Redo a sound effect from a monster in the map you are located. For example in zant: Imitate the Woopies *Awoooo*
  • Walk instead of running for 30 seconds

See you tomorrow!

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Hello HShires,


Here are some ideas:

- Go kill a jelly bean :SkillAttack:

- Drop 10 zulies on ground :SkillLoot: (You cannot loot it back !)

- Unequip your body armor for 2 minutes :SkillKiss:

- Go buy an apple from the closest NPC :SkillTrade:


Good luck on the stream !

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