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Can we have 2x exp 2x zulie reward and extended event?


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If this was the official release it would make sense to have something like this BUT this is early access and it was mentioned that if any game breaking bugs were found there would be rollbacks. There is no point in giving 2x anything in early access if at any point there could be more rollbacks, this would just give the team more work for no reason. Right now the game needs to be stabilized and working properly to reach the official release state. 

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1 hour ago, Zeror said:

If they do something, don't expect it to be big. Something like a giftbox with a random xmas event item or something for example.

I'd be a smart move to give something like bringing back the rosarian uniform because players would need to open the IM page to redeem it. No cost to the play, but it gets them used to opening the item mall or looking at it.

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