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Clan - administrative actions


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I would like to see more done with the clans in regards to what authority the Clan Master gives and to whom.

So maybe an admin window for the CM that can give rights to certain levels of the clan members (like in a file share, the owner can allow read, read/write, no access to the share)

Right now, I believe the Clan Master, Deputy Clan Master and Commander can add to the clan.

What might be an idea is to be able to have it the CM can allow whichever member to add, remove, promote or demote from the clan, so basically any level below their clan grade can do as per the permissions of the clan is set by the CM.   Of course, the Deputy can't kick or demote the CM.

Also, maybe something else, if the CM say has not logged in for a period of time, maybe allow the Deputy to take over administrative functions possibly of the clan?  I know people get sick, go on vacation, etc, so this is just a thought in case a clan master has gone stagnate and has not been around for a period of time (as in not logging in). 

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1 hour ago, OwlchemistVile said:

I've given some thought as to how a total overhaul might go, and the goals for it to achieve; some of which you touched upon. I wouldn't mind posting them here, but also don't want to "highjack" the thread, so with your permission I'll share those here Rob. 

Please do share, I don't mind at all, suggestions are for all the give, enhance, change or whatever.   So add away, highjack, doesn't bother me.


Go for it!   🙂


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Well I was thinking it'd be nice to have the following updates / changes.

Clan Master Type: Single, Partner, or "Senate". 
Reason: It would be nice if you could opt for a top down, or if you're feeling more democratic, having a Partner set up, requires unanimous vote from both leaders to make certain changes, and a "senate" style would require majority vote [among the leadership]. These changes being things like Activating Clan Passives, changing the name or clan text color, or icon. So forth. 

Roles / Ranks: You should be able to create, name, and set custom permissions for roles. This should probably be restricted to something like, no more than 10 unique roles just to keep it fair, or limit the ability for someone to be hazed or bullied via a special role that exploits specifically them, or other malicious behavior, but enough to really build the type of Clan structure you want.

Permissions: I've enjoy the idea floating around about Clan Storage. Assuming the top two are met, you could arguably be able to create a very personalized, and safe method of distributing materials and equipment to clan members, with minimal risk of abuse. I do think it should be kept an eye on, and limited upon early testing, but in theory it could expand the number of Clan Storage page's based on the Clan Roster Size passive.  Speaking of which~

Clan Size Passive: Clan size really should be restricted to a top of maybe 100. Possibly 50 was the magic number, seeing as the reason expansions were so ultra heavily pushed, was due to the heavy heavy use, reliance, and sometimes abuse of alts and multiclienting. I think it would be nice to start the base structure as it was. Starting at 5, 10, so forth as it was, then ultimately cap the maximum size at either 50, or very tentatively release a rank at a time until it feels comfortable. But this also heavily relies upon the Developers having the ability to say No, when people ask for too much. The last thing I'd like to see, is another mega clan, that removes all competition and identity. If you can have 500 characters in a single Clan, ALL benefitting from passives, that is so, so much more value than a clan of 50 benefitting from a handful of passives they really had to work for.

Lastly, generally speaking some QoL changes.
Please increase the Clan Logo size. 20x20 was so, so brutal of a limitation near the end. I understood the limitation a long time ago, and I also understand the hesitation to not allow too much resolution, since it will invariably be abused by at least 1 person at some point, uploading an image that violates the ToS, but we have to sometimes place some trust in the community to behave, be respectful and mature, or report those who fail to uphold those values. I'd like to see it bumped to a minimum of 26x26 to a maximum of maybe 32x32.

No More CP Tokens/Boosters: The idea of selling CP for cash is just so disrespectful of the time it takes to grind CP. I know, because I've solo grinded it before, and it's brutally slow. 
I don't mind some buffs, temporary gains to farming CP, but it needs to be in control. The amount they were selling was just insulting and I'm trying to be respectful about it.

Inactive CM/Leadership: If after 30 to 60 days a CM or member of Leadership if Partner/Senate, the next rank should have the option to demote and take control. If in Partner leadership method: it would default to not require the vote of the missing CM to maintain essential functions of the Clan. And lastly if in Senate leadership, the remaining two can vote for majority to demote or simply ignore, and majority could still be achieved. 


....that was a mouthful. But I did say a total rework. 

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Great ideas for sure.

One difference maybe, make the top limit 100, but start the clans at 10 and go by 10 or so at a time.   I know when I restart my clan, my clannies will want back in, so 5 isn't really a good start point, at least my thoughts.  10 or 15 would be a good start.  🙂

I do like your thoughts on the  Single, Partner, or "Senate", great idea for sure.   But have the ability say the CM made it they would be leader if they had 3 options, that they can change it say once a month, or every 3 to 6 months so it doesn't get changed constantly?

One possible concern about the voting, how can that work?  The majority of those who are online at the time of the vote with a min percentage of the Partner or Senate to attend?   Partner would be 2 people, but the Senate would be the interesting vote for sure.

Again, love the ideas, lets keep them coming for sure!




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