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I wanted something like this in this game, but what would happen and just find AFK players everywhere (this system exists in Perfect World, but it is not useful there anymore since the game's farm is daugens)

I didn't find a system image in English there so I wrote over it


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I want a pet that can auto loot what u command for "it" to pick up,  and will only goes for ur loot to take.







Could be helpful, since a lot of players in haste to lvl up faster, tends to ignore the loots lying around the ground.

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How would you balance this, though, and prevent abuse from botters (or whatever their equivalent is if we say botting won't work anymore)


EDIT: Any number of people have suggested this before, and some things have been done in this regard on pservers.

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On 12/19/2022 at 8:40 PM, Hannspree said:

Just though it would be a good idea that when you press the auto pickup it defaults to picking up what's yours/can be picked up instead of trying to pick up what ever is closest to you 

+1 x 10 :EmoteSmile::EmoteSmile::EmoteSmile:

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I've seen it first hand "autolooting" summons just encourage multi botting AOE spam farmers.
If you want to pick up your own drops move away from other parties that are killing or kill solo if you don't want to share with your own party.
Also designating a person to pick up loot in a 10 man party isn't an awful idea.

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