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  1. this is what i been wondering about for the last week Thanks ,
  2. Hello again ! This time my Suggestion is SIMPLE make Scroll's in game Color's example each planet has it Scrolls Color's Planet Luna Scrolls can be Blue planet Eldon can be Greeny .. etc etc Thanks for reading ^_^ !
  3. so far my game running smoothly But This is a helpful Tool for players! Just wanted to say Thank you , big credits to you bro
  4. Done , purchased for my cleric the Blue Santa Set & Peppermint Wand !
  5. can we have a list of all the in-game items , please ? I really Like to Focus on wearing the best items every 20-40 levels while leveling up my character's GM's devs , please ?? ? ??? ??
  6. +1 wish they add something to show us the latency/fps etc
  7. Hello , just wondering if it's possible for us to get the game server IP so I can Test "Ping" it to check the Latency, kindly? Also , is Exit Lag allowed to be Used ? Thanks
  8. I already have a post regarding an Auto-pick Up System on this Section ^_^ !
  9. I Kinda agree it ruins certain part of team work in this Game specially But... not sure if Disabling it is the Best option I was thinking to dual client a cleric+any other class but so far I'm enjoying being a FS healer muse without a dual client and it makes me more active during parties leveling up, I saw many AFK's and I can't tell if they are on dual client or actually AFK , some players are nice , they tell us they will AFK , but other's just AFK (dual client) leeching etc.. Maybe devs will come up with a Better idea for this
  10. Title says it ALL , can we have these soon kindly Devs ? would be Great..!! Maybe timestamps too !! ??
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