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Stuffs in Item Mall


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Hi Everyone! Before anything else I would like to salute all the developers and admins who are working their best to resolve every issue the server is experiencing! As well as the people who are supporting the game!

Now My suggestion is, to put something reasonable and balanced effect on the items that are being sold in Item Mall.

For Example, the wings from the item mall MUST have additional movement speed effect also like the wings that are being crafted or being dropped by the boss monsters/regular monsters.

In this way, the people that are donating to support the server can feel better and enjoy the money thats being spent.


***Remember, every penny spent is a fortune. If not for the rich people, for sure for the people that are from 3rd world countries that are having a hard time to make a living at the same time enjoying their hobbies playing online games.

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On 12/14/2022 at 10:25 PM, M0XIE said:

Its not P2W when you atleast put movement speed on the wings being sold on item mall. Its a normal effect for that kind of equipment. Its only movement speed @_@ 

You can wear the original wings underneath the item mall wings. If you want the movement speed, you get wings that have movement speed. If you want your wings to look different, then get the item mall costumes.

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