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ROSE-dress up my room


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Another suggestion inspired by neighboring official server.



  • Players will be given one (or maybe multiple space/room/house) where they can use zulie/IM to purchase furniture and other goods to decorate their personal room. 
  • Mutual interactions with the real ROSE outside the housing system, making special furniture/item available after players reached certain levels/achievement/rank/etc.
  • Housing upgrade -> get bigger room after certain conditions are unlocked.


This can be a great way to exhaust zulies too.





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7 hours ago, Whoop said:

Would personally not care for something, rather more actual game content / planets. Don't think i'd spend much time in there. 

To be really honest, I wouldn't put much attention to this too. But the girls might like it haha

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7 hours ago, Trebor said:

Interesting idea, almost like.... another one that allows you to build something too.   2nd Life?   something like that?

Yup, it's totally optional and just cosmetics. But can be away to keep inflation at bay. 

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