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Found 11 results

  1. SUGGESTION: Allow characters to be named with spacing and even additional formatting Based on previous updates, this suggestion is likely to already be on the list of 'things to implement' so this might be redundant. I reckon it's worth highlighting though. PROS: -Never-before seen quality of life improvement to player immersion. -Greater variety of character names CONS: -May require longer development time than anticipated -???
  2. I already like just the presence of any character customization, but the absence of any other skin color makes my heart sad. I haven't seen this suggestion brought up yet, so.. It would be super nice to see skin color diversity. It's a quality of life thing! Seems like it would be pretty simple to implement, but I am no programmer.
  3. Spoiler: I'm basing most of my thoughts here from WoW (Older expansions), so please don't hate. we all love mmorpgs after all. I love WoW but I love ROSE Online more, specially the memories! I read a thread here about finding a way for Zulie Sink. - I'd say make End Tier items as Soulbound. Binds when picked up, so non-tradeable when picked up. This allows players to not think of zulies that much! Instead, they will think of raiding, boss hunting more than just farming gold. - This idea requires a loot roll system of course, that many of mmorpg are using and we are familiar about. So players can greed or NEED it (only if it suits their class). - So when is zulie valuable then? welp cosmetics! Cosmetics is the true end-game and that's not a joke. Who cares if you are strong when you all look the same as others. - This idea must come with a trade window though, it may not be tradeable to others but can be traded let's say 1 hour after picked up to those you were party members with, when killing the said mob. This helps when someone "accidentally" rolled for it and win. Ninja looters will always be there, you think of the sanction for that. - Zulies can also be used for Artisan crafted materials as well. I don't think Artisans should be able to craft end tier items is what I'm saying. they should only be able to craft pre-raid/pre-boss hunt items that allows players to kill a boss but maybe on a longer time. - Zulies would still be important in creating potions, ammos as well. my thoughts about refining: OLD school refining system sure sucks! It's P2W no doubt. An Idea that still came from WoW, it to make end-tier items just have the strong base stats that it always needed! No need to upgrade, but we can still refine at 100% rate! with rare-epic mats. Example, I have this excalibur purple grade sword! Is strong! No need to "upgrade", but I can "refine" Like add +300 atk power at a 100% chance success rate by using very rare mats! it's basically just another GEM socket idea but another refine idea on top of it. Shop Ideas that can make the server keep running: - cosmetics, they already know that. - epic mounts, but please allow mount drops in-game please! just the basic-rare mounts. Please make all mount speed the same even if its from shop. - Weapon cosmetics. I hope we can still transmog weapons though in game with normal weapons. it'd be cool if I can use my bokuto "wooden sword" on high end areas. Feels like I'm in anime! (Yes I'm a weeb!) - I hope that the premium members get's like an "Arua" effect around them, like they'd be glowing some color representing them helping the server run. I hope there's no exaggerated stats. - I think premium should get, 10% discount on all purchase in shop for that month's subscription! A week before release allowed to buy some items, convenient items like auto-switch gear box or somethings (that's not broken right? since you can still do it manually from your inventory) - (might be a bad idea) NPC pet that allows them to "Buy" consumables but not sell items to them. To prevent idle farming without going back to town to sell misc gears for zulies. - custom emotes and dances! - custom afk emotes Let me know your thoughts about this stuff I wrote. I'm in work while writing so maybe some typo are there but I just cant wait to get off work just to share my ideas.
  4. Sounds like a good idea to me, think you lads can pull that one off?
  5. Item mall items are nice but not everyone is finds it worth the price for one item. So, maybe the team could come up something with a pass? play more and level more to get skins
  6. I think it would be a great idea to have a section, in the item mall, that has limited time cosmetic items, that would stay available for 2 weeks only, until they are replaced by other limited time cosmetics. For example, You could have a few costume sets, a few wings and masks, etc. And the idea would be that if you miss out on them, it could take a year before they come back. the amount of limited cosmetics could also be limited to one costume set, one back item and one mask for example, and there would be 26 combinations that would come every two weeks. Or it could be 12 a year with a few more options. Pros: Revenue for Rednim without being pay to win at all since it's all cosmetics! Some cosmetics would be a little more rare, so not everyone would be wearing the same gorgeous outfit. Collectors would be happy to collect costumes knowing that they won't stay in the IM for long (instead of them being available constantly). Cons: None? I think?
  7. In some shape or form, I'd like to see the Ancients functionality as costumes returned and expanded to hats. In NA, Ancient items, specifically chest pieces, were generate during a craft-table update I believe, and had their class restriction removed [level requirement stayed]. This meant if you had one of these very rare items, you could wear it as a costume piece on any class. It was actually super awesome and many people loved and enjoyed that feature. I'd like to see it returned in some form, simplistically the ability to wear any class chest/hat in your costume tab. Pros: Looks cool. Is fun to combine pieces for unique looks. Provides role-players or people with a vision for their character more tools to pursue it. Cons: "I can't tell what class they are if you do that"?* *I don't consider this valid myself, seeing as Mages and Clerics are very very different, same for Knights and Champions. If the argument extends to include the chest + weapon then what are you going to do about Arti's and Bourg's both using Cannons and Guns, and both using Dealer chests? It's kind of a outdated take imo. [I'm honing in on this point because it's been the only "legitimate" point against this becoming a thing, and it's a poor one at best, especially since a costume with no stats]
  8. Like my title said I think a clan house or private housing would be a good money/cp sink and can add some more features to motivate people. As a clan house you could get a TP skill/scroll to a existing map, like the treehouse or the ball room. That way the maps get more love and variety. AFK'in in any house is both con and pro, depending on which point of view you're looking. Pro Clan house: --> CP can be used in more than just one way. Also permament --> Scrolls could be bought in towns --> Buying new NPC's with Zuly and/or CP to give the house a more "living" feeling. Also gives the Members a possibility to get special NPC's or a Clan Warehouse. The NPC's shouldn't be too strong with Items but at least give Junon-grade ones. --> A place for Clan meetings, relaxing and trading faster --> New furniture for Dealer/Artisans to craft Con Clan House: --> Need to be implemented --> It makes solo players a bit more pressured (but honestly, it's an MMORPG not an RPG) --> If unbalanced it could be a too strong existence Pro Private housing: --> Money, Union Points, and maybe Achievement Points could be used --> New furniture --> flexing without castle gear --> sense of accomplishment --> could add a title "house owner" --> can be used for test dummies (dps test), upgrade tables, and an identifier Con Private housing: --> Need to be implemented --> it's expensive --> I dunno Maybe even give rights to a clan alliance for visiting your clan house (via invitation) or friends to visit your private house. They also can be linked together for other mechanics like a marrying system, cooking system, fishing system and more. With Test Dummies showing the DPS of all players in a Party the Member could give suggestions how to get stronger
  9. Kai


    We need cute pets! I hope we can get a system where players are able to capture and adopt certain mobs to keep as pets. IDEAS: FOODS: Making the pet eat certain foods, which players can buy from NPC (way to push zulie out of the system!) PET TAMER: are either purchasable form NPC or dropped from other mobs. AUTO FEED system ON/OFF Depends on dev team, maybe it's a good idea to give pets ability to give a little bit of status boost. Maybe 1-3 points. For example Moldie gives +2 int. Which isn't too much of a big deal but not super duper bad either. When the hungry level is low, pet will stay but would stop giving extra status. EVOLUTION SYSTEM!
  10. This is hardly a suggestion. Back in iRose, both weapons and shields had sockets for gems, but naRose only had sockets on weapons (or was it shields? I can't recall). I was so disappointed when I realized that, because characters ended up half as sparkly. Please consider allowing for dual gems again. I'd even be happy if one of them were purely cosmetic (no stats). That's it, that's my "suggestion".
  11. Another suggestion inspired by neighboring official server. Ideas: Players will be given one (or maybe multiple space/room/house) where they can use zulie/IM to purchase furniture and other goods to decorate their personal room. Mutual interactions with the real ROSE outside the housing system, making special furniture/item available after players reached certain levels/achievement/rank/etc. Housing upgrade -> get bigger room after certain conditions are unlocked. This can be a great way to exhaust zulies too.
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