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Earlier we start better. I think the team should delegate to the community some work, so we all can be part of the project. And since we all are from all around the World and speak different languages, we could start traslating the game step by step. The team could handle us some texts and we can reply the translations. The team can review the work before using it. This way they will have a lot of work ahead of time, when making these updates! 

What do you think guys? 

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4 hours ago, Gnasty said:

Problem is still with the UI. Some parts have texts that are hardcoded. As long as we don't have the new UI system, I don't think this will be prioritized at all.

The team can still work ahead and provide a list of texts. And UI related texts are not the biggest task here. It's all the quest texts, NPC names/titles and item names.

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