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  1. I like parts of your Idea. I agree, hundreds of offline vending shops everywhere looks messy, but I do like a auction house. It's just a QoL improvement to save time and get the best price and see if the item you are looking for is actually on sale somewhere. Looking for hours just to see there are no e.g. slotted grand fenrirs teeth with a proper quality is annoying. "Vending time" based on something sounds good, but it should include offline vending time. Maybe it could be used to battle a upcoming hyperinflation. "Online but unattended vending time": 25k zulie / 1 hour "Offline vending time": 50k zulie / 1 hour "Online vending time": 10k / 1 hour I don't know if online vending time should be free, since people who can keep their computers running 24/7 would just do exactly that without "penalty".
  2. Some made this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uXClAevF9ep55Nc9y7kKLVrCXz10OBWcEIdcMHMT1OM/edit#gid=2111868939 You could also look into other servers Wiki's but I doubt they'll fit here.
  3. Well, in what direction? Pure Leveling, Artisan, Bourg...?
  4. xSean


    I could help with german
  5. The smaller inventory worked in the original because the droptable wasn't as big as it is now. I really like the new drop table, but if I farm an area for a good amount of time, I'll get more ETC loot than my inventory can take. And while playing as Arti/Bourg/Scout you have to fit ammunition too. Since we have weight (which should stay IMO) and backpacks, wearing a bagpack should give you a few extra rows (or even another tab, but this could be too much and mess up the balance). Or make bagpack tiers. Tier 1 gives 1 row, Tier 2 gives 2, etc.
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