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show fps/network latency in game client


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There could be option/shorcut in game client to show current FPS(frames per second) and network latency in ms (ping/roundrobin latency between game server and current client).

It can help see/understand what cause sluggish feeling and help on troubleshooting 

Most games have it and it does sometimes help finding out real reason gameplay issues

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The way WoW does this should work for ROSE too and it's rather easy. When you hover the system menu-icon a tooltip is shown that shows the latency/fps info. See this:


To give an little explanation for who don't understand this:

  • Latency means how long it takes for two computers to communicate with each other. In this case my computer and the game server.
    Home latency here means all regarding your account and character, like character's position, chat messages, damage/buffs you send and receive, etc..
  • World latency means everything else, like other players positions, enemy positions, etc..
  • Framerate = FPS, frames per second. Clientside only and shows how fast you computer can render the gameframes, the higher the smoother.
  • Bandwidth here means if the gameclient is downloading or not. It's usually a a low to 0 number, but if not it's downloading.
  • WoW supports addons and it also show how much system memory addons are using, which might slow the game down.
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