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Shops to include all Upgrade Books and Town Scrolls


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Here is a thought/suggestion

Make all Upgrade Books and town scrolls available at all shops that sell them, but add restrictions for them.

Say you are level 30, you would only see those Upgrade books and town scrolls for your level only.

If you are level 250, you would see say every Town Scroll and all Upgrade Books from Grade 1 - Grade 8 (or didn't 9 come out in NA).

Comments, suggestions?

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Sounds to me like no, but it would sell all the bindeunes, and the like for weapons, armor, and back items. 

But npcs like Sharon in the city of junon polis would sell the town scrolls for all towns not just junon polis. 

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On 11/12/2022 at 12:24 PM, Loerslang said:

So thats means the Smith would also be selling Books and Scrolls for example?

No, if a shop already sells upgrade books or towns scrolls then it sells simply all of 'm, but the restrictions Trebor was giving.

I am in for the upgrade books, but not for the Town Scrolls. Towns scrolls should be only sold inside the town or place where they teleporting too.. Like Zant Scroll only buyable in Zant. This encourages exploration more.

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