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Item mall weapon effects and projectile aesthetics


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I think it would be really dope to add weapon effects to IM like thunder, frost, fire, I think people would really like this and it would look really cool and add some more options of things to add to IM that do not give any sort of advantage but just look really cool.

For ranged weapons,

I think it would be really cool to add some kind of aesthetic coupon or something that changes the projectile of wands, and also permanently changes them for arrows and also pellets and shells, players should be able to pick the projectile aesthetic in my opinion without having to buy the more expensive arrows, shells, or pellets. For example, if players want to buy the Perminant projectile of cold bullets because they like the looks, they should be able to permanently purchase it from IM i think without having to worry about having the zulie to buy it may it be expensive or not. These permanent projectile "cosmetics" would of  course not effect the damage you do at all, and would not give you the same benefits of having cold bullets for example if you do not have them equipped so it does not give any advantage outside of aesthetics and it would be SUPER cool if you can apply different aesthetic projectiles to different weapons, to see which you like more or how ur feeling. This would give each weapon a unique factor and make them feel special and make it so much fun and encourage using different items, really allowing you to customize them, making them feel more special and like your own. 

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