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Easily accessible UI Party finder tool


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I think that adding an easily accessible party finder UI tool to the game would be extremely beneficial introducing new players to parties very easily, not having to search all across the map to find one, probably not knowing which spots are good or not. I think that the game needs something easily accessible like this and some way to introduce parties more and encourage more party play, even to solo players who normally would not join one. I think this would be very encouraging to solo players, new players, and in  general be good for parties as there are lots of spots around the map players may not know about, this would help them get members. I think this would encourage a lot more activity and introduce new people to so much of the game not having to explore to find out how to do it, People to not have the attention spans they used to, and easily accessible content is really important, and its not like its an instanced mode or anything, so no need to worry about making the game feel less engaging, infact I think this will help with more engagement and encourage a lot more players to do this as its just a tool to help you find a party very easily, and introduce it to players unaware of it. The idea is all the parties created would show up on an easily accessible UI tool OR better yet, only show parties within your level range. and once you find a party you're interested in joining, you can request to join, and if accepted it will show you the map they're at and where on it. This eventually if worked on, could be an incredible tool and expanded to finding searching for dungeon groups and CD groups, eventually would be cool to be able to specify the class(es) you desire and maybe it could show your gear to help them know weather they're suited for such content. 


Let me know what you think 🙂 Cheers Rosarians!

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It’s been mentioned before and Lazy has already commented on one instance that I know of. See below. 

I do feel like you have different aspects than what others have previously suggested, so I apologize if this is the case!



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