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Hey all,

i was playing another MMO and I tried something, I think, could be interesting in Rose !


It's a window to find other people in the area you are. For example you are in a boss spot and you need people to make party, you just list the people around you and can directly msg them or send a group invitation. In this list of people, you can see the class they are playing, their level, their name ..


here it is a screenshot for example. ( sorry dunno if I can publish that .. you surely will recognize where it comes from but a picture is more revelant than an explanation )



What do you think about that ?

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That's cool! Most games have "looking for party" feature which Rednim should also consider, as it allows you to find people while being in town instead of in the boss area. I do like this player list cool as well though, makes it a bit more personal and helps people connect directly.

I can't remember if Rose had this, but having different chat channels like "area chat", "party chat", "server chat" would be great, so you can direct messages to others in the same area or the entire server.

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On 6/5/2022 at 2:11 AM, lazypenguin said:

It's a good idea, we want to implement more social features like this. Did you use this feature in the other game? Did you find others to play with?

In this other game i think it's not that usefull that it should because there is, aswell, a 'looking for party' tool like Sui mentioned.

you can directly ( if your subscription is accepted by leader ) search/join groups for your quest , boss, donjon , etc.

A 'looking for party' tool or a window with the list of people around share the same final goal: find people for activities.

In my opinion, the window list will create more social links because it will push people to send messages for asking.. instead of the group tool that will make it automatically.


Maybe a poll could be necessary to see player's preference about those 2 same features. 

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