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Hi I'm Sneaux


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Hey there I'm Sneaux. I started ROSE during iROSE in 2005/2006. Since then I've played naROSE pre and post Evo, RuffROSE, 7Hearts (for which I was a forum moderator and part-time Event Team member), Akram Online (for which I was a designer/content developer) and a handful of other large and small private servers. I even tried to run a server or two but never got off the ground.

I love this game more than I thought I ever would and I still regularly play when I can. My favorite go-to class is Cleric, specifically Katar DEX Clerics. I really enjoy solo play but I like a clan or party here and there. I've made each class at least once, but Mage and Arti are my least played.

I'm excited to play an official ROSE again, hope to see you guys there.

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29 minutes ago, Pedro said:

Hi Buns!! How long! Its Castanho here :3

Hey Hihi!  It's been a minute- how have you been?  Happy to see you here!   Are you on the official ROSE Discord server?   If not, you should join then send me a dm so we can catch up.   I don't remember if you're on my friend list or not but my Discord info is HB#4216   

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